The Value Of Prenuptial Agreements

During the flurry of preparing for a wedding, getting a prenuptial agreement is not always a top priority. However, it is worth considering for your future security and that of your spouse-to-be. At Grimes & Fertitta, P.C., in Houston, Texas, and The Woodlands, we can help you enter into a strong prenuptial agreement to swiftly and effectively guard your interests.

Protecting Your Future With A Prenuptial Agreement

Many people think of a prenuptial agreement as a last resort to be used only in the event of a divorce. However, making a potential divorce go more smoothly is only one of the many benefits to a legal agreement with your spouse. In addition to making determinations about property division, alimony and other issues in divorce, a prenuptial agreement can:

  • Help spouses make decisions about any property acquired during the marriage
  • Assign individual debt to the appropriate spouse to avoid joint liability
  • Set aside certain assets for one spouse
  • Set aside assets for any children with a previous partner or your current partner
  • Set expectations for certain conduct during the marriage
  • Support your estate plan

A prenuptial agreement is a tool that can help you build a strong marriage for yourself, your partner, and your current or future children.

Even if you and your spouse are on the same page, it is essential that you have your own lawyer when negotiating or signing a prenuptial agreement. While you focus on your upcoming wedding and your life with your spouse, our attorneys will focus on protecting your best interests no matter what the future holds.

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