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Intoxicated driver causes multi-vehicle Texas wreck

When someone is injured in a car crash, it can have an impact on their life in numerous ways. On top of being unable to work or take care of daily responsibilities, they could also have a great deal of physical, emotional and even financial hardship. After all, medical expenses in Houston and throughout Texas can be costly. Whether they were involved in a drunk driving accident or were hit by a distracted driver, it is important for people to understand their options and find the best way to move forward.

Accident claims the life of Texas pedestrian

When a pedestrian is struck by a car, the outcome can be devastating. Even if they are fortunate enough to survive, they could struggle with a debilitating personal injury that prevents them from working or taking care of their responsibilities. In Houston and across the state, these incidents continue to take place at an alarming rate. Drivers should do everything they can to prevent another auto-pedestrian accident from occurring, such as paying close attention to every crosswalk and always obeying traffic laws.

Tragic car accident leaves Texas mother dead

With busy schedules, hectic roads and negligent drivers, it's no surprise that there are car accidents around the country on a regular basis. In Houston, it is all too common to read about another crash. However, an auto accident is particularly troubling when a life is lost. Regardless of the reason why a fatal car accident takes place, there is a great deal of emotional pain for those that lose a loved one. It is imperative for drivers to be more cautious every time they get behind the wheel and try to prevent these tragedies from occurring.

Texas delivery truck driver causes fatal crash

When a commercial vehicle accident occurs, there are a number of factors that investigators have to take into consideration. With some collisions, a negligent company is responsible, while others can be blamed on the driver. In Houston, maneuvering through busy traffic can be difficult, which further increases the likelihood of a wreck. Victims of these crashes sometimes suffer from personal injury and even death, which is why it is so important for companies and their drivers to ensure responsible, safe driving at all times.

Fatal Texas crash involves out-of-state college students

Whenever a fatal accident occurs, it symbolizes yet another devastating crash that should have been avoided. Whether a wreck takes place due to the negligence of another or factors that cannot be controlled (such as unsafe road conditions), it can be very hard for families and friends to deal with the loss of a loved one. Houston streets can be a mess and many people who follow the local news hear about another car accident far too often.

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