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What to do if you or someone you love suffers a brain injury in a car accident

Many times, when someone walks away from a serious automobile accident without a broken bone or spinal injury, people think of him or her as lucky. However, some of the worst injuries related to car accidents aren't visible to the naked human eye. Those who have been involved in a vehicular accident may suffer from closed head injuries or traumatic brain injuries.

These conditions can have a lifelong impact on the victim, one's financial future, and the victim's family. If you or a family member has been diagnosed with a head injury as a result of a car accident, it is important to consider all of your medical and legal options.

What is a closed head injury?

A closed head injury is a serious brain injury that results from trauma to the head: either a blow to the head or a violent motion that causes the brain to slam against the walls of the skull. This results in swelling, which can impact either a specific region of the brain or tissue throughout the entire brain. In both cases, the injury could result in impaired functioning and changes in behavior and personality. The victim may also lose consciousness, suffer convulsions, and can even slip into a coma. Other symptoms include vomiting, headache, dizziness, dilated pupils, and issues with vision.

Traumatic brain injuries and closed head injuries can have a lasting impact

A closed head injury is just one form of traumatic brain injury that can result from a car accident. Because of the critical functions of the brain, damage to the brain or some of its tissues can have lifelong results. From loss of certain functions to change in personality, mood, or behavior, victims of a traumatic brain injury or closed head injury may never fully recover to the person they once were. They may be unable to continue their career path, depending on the severity of the injury and its impact on their functioning. They may also incur substantial medical bills during their physical recovery.

An attorney can help you during your recovery

Other than seeking out appropriate medical care following your accident, speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney should be a top priority following a motor vehicle accident. This professional understands the expenses involved in recovering from a brain injury, from trauma care and physical or occupational therapy to lost wages and the cost of replacing your vehicle. This attorney can advocate on your behalf to insurance companies to help ensure your necessary care is covered. In cases where expenses are not being properly covered, your legal advocate can also file a civil lawsuit to help you recover your losses.

Dealing with a brain injury, or a loved one's brain injury, is stressful, and the road to recovery is long. You should be focusingon your health and well-being, not on medical bills and lost work. Consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney and retaining one's services allows you to focus on your recovery, instead of the financial cost it creates.

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