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Can I seek compensation for a mild brain injury after an accident?

Car accidents regularly leave their victims injured in many ways, but some injuries tend to be more subtle than others. People often dismiss a mild traumatic brain injury as "not really a problem," but this is demonstrably untrue.

Like any personal injury claim, receiving fair compensation will depend on your ability to demonstrate that your injury has actually impaired you or brought you suffering. Mild TBIs are certainly capable of impacting your functionality and quality of living, and can serve as the basis for a successful claim.

Pursuing a personal injury claim is rarely a good idea without professional help, especially in cases where the injuries are not overly apparent and may require a nuanced approach to demonstrate. You will greatly increase your chances of fear compensation if you enlist the guidance of qualified legal counsel.

How might a mild TBI affect me?

The term "mild" often does no favors for victims who suffer from this type of injury. While the brain injury may not be as severe as possible, the effects can be devastating over time.

Victims of mild TBIs may find that any number of things have changed for the worse. Physical effects can include relatively minor things like headaches, nausea and vertigo, and that's if you're lucky.

Where mild TBIs really become destructive is in subtle difficulties that accumulate. You may experience an inability concentrate or find it difficult to communicate clearly. A mild TBI can affect your comprehension of language and conversational context.

You may suddenly have a very low threshold of frustration, or have trouble focusing on tasks, or have trouble being aware of things going on around you. You may also find that your interpersonal relationships and work relationships don't make sense like they used to.

If these don't seem like a big deal, consider that mild TBIs can persist for up to a year. Imagine if every day, for the next year, you were suddenly unable to understand significant elements of your conversations with coworkers, friends and family. At work, your productivity suffers because you can't seem to focus on things, and everyone expects you to perform at the level that you were before the accident.

When things become difficult, you can't control your frustration and overreact to conflicts that you would have dealt with in a healthy way before your brain injury.

Cumulatively, these setbacks can dismantle entire careers and vital relationships.

So, the next time that someone suggests that a mild TBI is "not really a problem," they just don't know what they're talking about.

An attorney can help you build a strong case

There is no sense in suffering without help if you received a mild TBI in an accident. While it may not be as obvious as a broken leg, the recovery can sometimes take longer and be even more frustrating.

Do not hesitate to seek the guidance of an attorney who understands the nuances of personal injury claims in Texas. With proper legal help from an experienced attorney, you can confidently explore your options for justice and keep you rights protected.

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