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There are many common causes of truck accidents

If you spend any time on the roadways in and around Houston, you know one thing to be true: There is no escaping large trucks. These vehicles are everywhere at all times of the day.

As the driver of a passenger vehicle, you should do whatever it takes to keep your distance from commercial trucks. Of course, this is easier said than done.

In some cases, even if you do your part in driving safely, truck drivers don't always take the same level of caution. Instead, they take risks on the road that put everyone in a bad spot.

There are many common causes of truck accidents, including the following:

  • Distracted driving. This can be anything from a trucker sending a text message to a trucker who has taken his or her eyes off the road for any other reason.
  • Drunk driving. Unfortunately, there are truck drivers who think it is okay to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol or taking an illegal drug.
  • Drowsy driving. There are laws in place to prevent this, but that doesn't mean that all truckers obey the law.
  • Inadequate training. This can be related to defensive driving, safety, and driving technique.
  • Systems of compensation that encourage truck drivers to speed. For example, some trucking companies will pay a bonus if the driver makes it to his or her destination sooner than expected.
  • Unrealistic schedules that cause drivers to speed and take risks.

These are the types of things that you may not think about while you're driving in close proximity to a truck. Instead, you assume that the trucker is doing whatever he or she can to avoid trouble and keep everyone around the truck safe.

If you're involved in a truck accident, make sure you receive immediate medical attention. Due to the size difference of vehicles, it's possible that you could suffer a serious injury.

Once you've been treated and have a recovery plan in place, learn more about your legal rights. During this time, you should focus on the cause of the accident and who was responsible. With enough information in hand, you can file a lawsuit with the idea of receiving compensation from the negligent party, such as the trucker and/or one's employer.

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