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Head injuries can occur without outward signs

The violent nature of motor vehicle accidents mean that a host of injuries can occur. Head injuries are some of the ones that are very serious. In fact, they can be downright deceptive.

If you are involved in a car crash, make sure that you are aware of the following points.

Outward signs aren't necessary

Many people think that they are only at risk of a brain injury or head injury if they have a blow to the head during the crash. This isn't the case. It is possible to suffer a brain injury from the force of the brain being shaken around in the skull.

The issue with the brain being jostled around is that it can cause bruising on the brain. This is what occurs in shaken baby syndrome and the problem isn't limited only to children. Adults who are involved in car crashes can suffer from the same problem.

This means that you can suffer from a brain injury even if you don't have any outward signs that something is amiss. Of course, you should be more vigilant if you know that you did hit your head on something.

Brain injuries can become evident right away or over time

Just because you don't feel like you have a brain injury at the scene of the crash doesn't mean that you don't have one. Some brain injuries become worse over time. These might not be evident right away, so you should pay attention to your body in the days and weeks after the accident. Persistent or worsening headaches can signal that you have something going on that needs to be evaluated and treated.

Open brain injuries, which occur when something penetrates the skull, are obvious right away. Some injuries that come from hitting your head might also be noticed immediately. In these cases, seeking medical care right away might be necessary.

Medical care is often necessary

Around one out of every six hospital admissions is related to an accident that caused a brain injury. While not all brain injuries that occur will require this level of care, it is often difficult to gauge which ones will without a proper medical examination.

In some cases, people who have a brain injury will need to have a sensor inserted to monitor the pressure on the brain. This is an invasive procedure that requires the patient to be tethered to a monitor.

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