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Crashes happen: Here's why and what you can do to help

Traffic accidents will likely always happen. There are so many variables, that there is no way to know everything that can be done to prevent a crash or to do everything correctly all the time. From being just a ilttle more tired than usual to having a malfunction of your vehicle, it's possible to have unexpected events happen that lead to a crash.

The factors that may influence you or other drivers and lead to crashes include:

  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Taking drugs
  • Using alcohol
  • Trying new medications
  • Side effects
  • Distractions outside the vehicle
  • Texting distractions
  • Distractions from people inside your vehicle
  • Sickness or medical problems

This isn't an all-inclusive list, either. Trouble with your vehicle, problems with the road's surface, the weather and other factors can play a role in collisions, too.

The good news is that you can take steps to reduce the risk of a crash. Some of the ways you can reduce the risk of collisions include:

  • Getting enough sleep at night
  • Taking breaks during long journeys
  • Avoiding driving if you're taking new medications and aren't sure of the side effects
  • Avoiding alcohol or drugs
  • Staying away from construction zones or reducing your speed significantly in these areas
  • Planning your route in advance
  • Having regular maintenance performed on your vehicle

Of course, crashes will happen even when people do all they can to avoid causing them. If you're involved in a crash, you need to know what to do.

What should you do if you're hit by another driver?

The first thing you should do is to ensure that you and the others involved in the crash receive help. Call 911 and make sure everyone is okay. If someone is hurt, do what you can to provide aid. If you're hurt, stay where you are (unless it's possible to move and the area is dangerous). Wait for help to arrive at the scene.

If there is the possibility to exchange insurance information and to speak with witnesses, now is the time to gather information about those around you. If not, you can wait for the police to arrive. They'll collect the same information, and your attorney can request it from them to assist with the claim.

Call your attorney soon after the crash, so you can focus on your personal health and recovery while your attorney negotiates for the fairest settlement for your personal injury case.

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