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Use a Prenup Lawyer The Woodlands Trusts

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Use a Prenup Lawyer The Woodlands Trusts

prenup lawyer the woodlands

Use a Prenup Lawyer The Woodlands Trusts

Looking for a prenup lawyer in The Woodlands? All signs point to that move being a smart one. As much as your future marriage makes sense now, a prenup can actually help protect your marriage in troubled times, help settle issues that may have otherwise gone unaddressed, and (of course) make things easier if things don’t wind up working up. 

Prenups are commonly seen in the media and movies as the kiss of death to a marriage that leads to a dreaded meeting in one of The Woodlands divorce attorney or property division lawyer office settings. We at Grimes and Fertita, located in The Woodlands know that it can also do a lot of good.

Do happy couples still need a prenup?

Prenups set the stage for what to expect as you navigate your new life together, and also help everyone involved understand when select assets do merge. The understanding a prenup can bring sometimes gives peace of mind to those not even directly in the marriage and allows for a much more amicable time when doing business (and potentially even at family gatherings).

For example, something all marriages will have to navigate during the first few years is, of course, finances. When there are more complicated logistics involved than a couple of savings accounts, it makes sense to get help in writing prenups that all parties agree on and that help set a solid foundation for the trickier part of merging lives: finances and children.

Why should we seek counsel for a prenup?

The time before marriage can be a stressful period with multiple contracts to attend to, from the venue and catering to flowers and music, and even as far as getting your marriage license from Montgomery County in the correct time period. There are multiple things to get in order before the big day. 

A prenuptial agreement, when yet another item on your list, is something we at Grimes and Fertita can help both parties feel at ease with and get done with efficiency in respect to your time.

We are the prenup lawyers Houston and The Woodlands prefers. Our team will help you determine if a prenup is necessary for your merging lives and will get one done in a way that feels respectful yet fair to your particular needs. 

Marriages aren’t as easy as they used to be, legally. We’re here to help send you down the aisle on the right foot. 

What does a prenup include?

Getting a prenup is a smart choice to keep your family protected and your business and other adventures set up in a clear way that helps your other business partners, you, and your spouse feel reassured. 

Common elements of prenup include:

  • Protecting your financial assets
  • Property division 
  • Protecting your marriage from disputes

How many years is a prenup good for? 

An experienced family lawyer in The Woodlands can advise you on what time frame will best serve your purpose. It could be a prenup designed for two years for short term needs or could for the full length of the marriage. We at Grimes and Fertitta have seen it all and will craft what is right for your marriage, including provisions that expire or something that offers more protection. 

Can you void a prenup? 

Yes, a prenup can be voided but only under certain circumstances such as:

  • Failure to disclose
  • Duress or coercion
  • Unconscionability or unfairness to one party

Working with a family lawyer The Woodlands trusts, like Grimes and Fertitta, can help you try to void a prenup if you think it is warranted.

Looking for a prenup lawyer in The Woodlands? 

Grimes & Fertitta are top prenup lawyers serving The Woodlands and Houston. During your initial consultation at one of our office locations, we will listen to your goals and priorities before recommending a strategy that serves your best interests. 

To arrange your consultation, please contact us online or call us at 713-224-7644.


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