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Texas high school instructor dies in auto accident

From broken bones to medical costs and fatalities, auto accidents often turn the lives of those involved upside down and also have a negative impact on their family members. In Houston, Texas, these crashes appear in the news far too often and drivers should try to prevent an accident whenever they are on the road. From a deadly car crash that leaves families with permanent emotional pain to an accident that leaves someone disabled for the rest of their life, these incidents are incredibly tragic.

Two people pass away in deadly Texas accident

Whenever a traffic crash happens, there may be serious consequences that permanently change the lives of those involved. Sadly, some result in the loss of life and a disturbing number of fatal motor vehicle accidents have occurred in Houston, and throughout the state of Texas. For those who are trying to deal with the consequences of losing a loved one in a car crash, it is very important to explore all avenues.

Reviewing fatal motor vehicle accident statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were more than 30,000 fatal motor vehicle accidents across the country in 2013. Although this number represents a decline in the number of fatal accidents when compared to some of the previous years, such as 2005 when there were more than 39,000 fatal crashes, the numbers are still very alarming and represent scores of lives that could have been saved had drivers been more responsible. In Houston, Texas, and across the United States, fatal motor vehicle accidents remain a serious problem and drivers should focus on safety at all times.

Auto accident claims three lives

When someone is involved in a fatal auto accident, there are often far-reaching consequences on top of unbearable emotional devastation. For example, the loved ones they leave behind may be unable to cover funeral expenses or they may experience other financial challenges brought on by the death of their family member, such as a lost source of income. In Houston, and across Texas, people who are suffering with the ramifications of a deadly car accident should explore all avenues.

Houston authorities cite bad lane change in fatal bus crash

On busy city freeways in Houston and across the country, a fatal accident can happen in the blink of an eye, and can change lives forever. Loss of limb, brain trauma, and spinal cord damage are some of the injuries that can occur in a car crash. Another driver’s negligence can result in losses that cannot be recovered, as well as years of adjustment and rehabilitation for survivors. When the unthinkable happens, a driver or other party may be found responsible for the wrongful death of a victim after an accident.

Texas car crash claims four lives

While any auto accident can create serious problems, such as injuries and medical expenses, some wrecks are particularly devastating and claim lives. Tragically, these accidents continue to result in far too many deaths in Houston, and throughout Texas. To make matters worse, many of these car accidents could have been prevented and the families of those who died may experience many hardships. For example, a family whose loved one was killed in a car accident may have to endure severe emotional pain and financial challenges (funeral expenses, etc.).

How motorcycle operators in Texas can ensure passenger safety

Motorcycle operators in Texas new to riding may be surprised to learn that carrying a passenger can greatly affect the way the bike handles. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation reports that the weight of the additional rider as well as the person's independent movement both play a role in changing the dynamics of riding. According to the MSF, operators with passengers should do the following to increase motorcycle safety

Many fatal traffic accidents result from insomniac drivers

At Grimes and Fertitta, we have helped many families deal with the sudden death of a loved one through a fatal traffic accident. As such, we understand how difficult it can be to come to terms with such losses. In many cases, a big part of these families' healing processes is uncovering why the accident occurred.

An overview of catastrophic injury claims and damages

Losing a loved one in a fatal car accident can be an incredibly traumatic experience for people of all ages. Every year, countless people across the state of Texas and the entire country are forced to confront the news that a family member has died in a preventable collision. In such cases, the process of mourning can be severely compounded by considerable financial hardships and other serious issues placed on surviving family and friends. Wrongful death claims can be filed by several different parties, and can account for a number of types of losses.

Considering distracted driving factors and liability

When it comes to using a cell phone while driving, Texas motorists continue to do so despite the fact that the vast majority of them know better. Every year, distracted driving results in countless serious and fatal car accidents. And while the nature and severity of distracted driving collisions can be difficult enough for victims and their families to cope with, the fact that these types of accidents are largely preventable can be especially devastating. It is for that reason that the attorneys at the law offices of Grimes & Fertitta, P.C., are dedicated to helping families like yours pursue wrongful death claims against liable parties whenever necessary.

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