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Three DUI accidents in one weekend in Houston

Houston motorists understand that accidents can happen. In some cases, these incidents are simply unavoidable. Unfortunately, many of the crashes that occur on the roadways in Texas and other states across the nation are due to the negligence of other drivers. Whether it is due to distractions, speeding, recklessness or intoxication, a negligent driver is a dangerous factor to have on the roadways.

If a drunk driver is arrested after crash, can Texans still sue?

Drunk drivers are a danger to everyone that must share the roads with them. This Fourth of July, many Texas residents may witness intoxicated motorists driving in a manner that is erratic, hazardous and downright dangerous. Though law enforcement officials will do what they can to limit the number of accidents that are caused by these reckless individuals, some will still cause harm and devastation to others when they cause drunk driving accidents.

Victims do not have to fight their legal battles on their own

Suffering injuries in a motor vehicle accident can be an isolating experience. A victim may have loved ones who support them as they recover, providing them with care as they heal. However, a Texas resident who is hurt when a negligent driver collides with their vehicle must overcome their physical pain on their own and learn how to cope with their new limitations without the guidance of others.

Reasons that motorcycle accidents happen

Although there are not as many motorcycles on Texas roads as there are other types of motor vehicles, many people enjoy the freedom that motorcycle riding brings to their lives. Motorcycles are open to nature and allow riders to have a more physical experience as they travel from destination to destination. Motorcyclists often recognize, though, that their chosen method of transportation can be dangerous due to their own actions and the actions of others.

Texas child dies when school bus is hit by train

All across the nation, millions of kids board buses each day to get to and from their schools. Most arrive safely at their destinations, and many Texas parents appreciate the service of having their children taken from their neighborhoods and directly to their schools without having to deal with school-time traffic. Very rarely, accidents involving school buses occur, but when they do, children's lives can be put at risk.

Why is it dangerous to drive while distracted?

Modern Americans are busier than ever. As the struggle to keep up with their careers, stay on top of their family commitments and maintain their relationships with their friends, they may struggle to balance all of the tasks that they must complete in any given day. For this reason, Texas residents can look for opportunities to multitask so that they can get more done in less time.

What should a victim do after a motor vehicle accident?

Experiencing a motor vehicle accident in Houston can be terrifying and confusing. In the blink of an eye, a victim may go from commuting down the road to sustaining serious and life-altering injurie due to the negligent driving of another person. This post addresses some of the important steps that victims can take to protect their rights in the wake of their vehicle collisions.

A car accident can cause financial instability in a victim's life

Unless they have been involved in a serious vehicle accident, readers of this Texas personal injury blog may not have every given serious thought to the costs that accompany motor vehicle collisions. They may be aware of the financial expenditures that a person may have to put forth to repair their vehicle, and they may think about the wages they could miss out on earning if they have to take time off of work to deal with their injuries. These costs are only some of the burdens that car accident victims can experience when others cause them to be involved in crashes.

Examining reasonableness after a motor vehicle accident

Building a claim for the recovery of one's damages after a motor vehicle accident can require a victim to prove a number of facts related to their personal injury case. They generally will have to prove that the party or parties that they have chosen to sue are responsible for causing their harm either through the parties' negligent or reckless conduct. A case built on negligence often requires a victim to demonstrate that the other parties failed to act in accordance with their duty of care to others and that they were therefore unreasonable in their actions.

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