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Scissor-lift leads to worker fatality

Equipment used in construction can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Last month, for example, a worker in an extended scissor lift was killed and two others suffered serious workplace injuries in a construction accident in Irving. A scissor lift is a platform that usually moves vertically by using linked and collapsible supports that are placed in a crisscross or scissor pattern. These are typically used on construction sites to reach very high areas.

Kitchen countertops behind workplace deaths

Household items can pose risks to the workers who produce these products. Thousands of workers in this country who make countertops from engineered stone may be suffering irreversible workplace injuries by inhaling unhealthy amounts of silica dust because engineered stone is produced mostly from mineral silica.

Helping you take action after a workplace accident

Going to work can seem like a very routine activity for residents in Texas and elsewhere. While many individuals work in the same work environment day in and day out, others are constantly changing work sites due to their line of work. Regardless of where an employee works, the reality is that dangers in the workplace can come in many different forms. Thus, when a workplace accident occurs, an injured worker should take the time to understand what they can do to address the injuries and damages suffered.

Is your injury work-related?

No one goes to work thinking they will suffer an injury that day. However, many workers in Texas and elsewhere are faced with workplace hazards. Additionally, a workplace injury could occur in any work environment. One does not need to be working in an inherently dangerous industry to suffer a work-related injury, as these injuries could occur in office settings as well.

Restaurant workers are subjected to many potential forms of harm

Eating out at a restaurant may be a treat for a Texas resident. They can choose from a menu of foods that they may not prepare at home, and they can avoid the stresses of cooking and cleaning up once they are done with their meal. However, for as relaxing as it is for a patron to have their dinner in a local restaurant, the workers in that facility may be working hard to manage their own health and safety.

Overexertion can result in musculoskeletal injuries and damage

It can be hard for a Texas resident to get up each morning and get to their job. However, most people are able to put forth a great amount of effort toward the completion of their work-related tasks once they arrive at their offices, construction sites or other work locations. That effort can help them finish their responsibilities faster and support the goals of their employers.

Traumatic injuries are a problem for American workers

On almost any given day, a Texas resident may suffer an injury while performing the tasks of their job. Many workplace injuries are minor, such as the papercuts that individuals may get from filing documents or the bruises they may acquire when they walk into tables or other equipment or furniture. More serious injuries can result when workers trip, slip and fall on the job, and in some cases, workers may even suffer traumatic injuries when significant accidents threaten their well-being.

How can workplace repetitive stress injuries develop?

Some workplace injuries are suffered by victims of serious accidents and unexpected events. For example, when a trench collapses at a construction site, Texas workers may suffer a range of injuries as they are pulled from the debris of their accident. However, many workers are hurt every year in a much more subtle way. Rather than becoming victims of big events, they suffer harm from doing their jobs over and over each day.

Victims of workplace injuries have options and rights

It can be scary to suffer an injury while doing one's job. Depending upon the nature of the victim's work and the circumstances surrounding the accident, their injury could range from very minor to life-threatening. Texas residents who are involved in on-the-job accidents that lead to injuries should report their harm as soon as possible to their employers.

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