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Who’s liable if you’re injured in a taxi accident?

Most people in Harris would probably estimate the likelihood of their ever being involved in a commercial vehicle accident to be very low. After all, how difficult can it be to avoid those large trucks on the road? Yet what they often fail to realize is that the title “commercial vehicle” extends to any vehicle used for business purposes, including buses, delivery vans, and taxis.

Who is required to have a commercial driver license in Texas?

Texas state road safety guidelines outline requirements for motorists who operate particular types of vehicles. For instance, people who conduct commerce in or through Texas can be required to obtain a commercial driver license under a number of circumstances. In the event that you or a loved one were injured in a commercial vehicle accident, it may be necessary to determine whether the other driver was properly licensed in the first place.

Why are South Texas roads so dangerous?

Commuting in the city of Houston on a regular basis, you are probably familiar with the stress that can go along with sharing the road with commercial trucks and other large vehicles. In fact, you may be all too familiar with the dangers associated with driving alongside the growing number of commercial vehicles found on Texas roadways every day. And while characteristics like the size and weight of many commercial vehicles are directly related to the severity of injury accidents across the state, other factors also play a role in a serious accident rates.

Commercial vehicle distracted driving guidelines

Texas roadways serve as a vital trade route for commercial vehicles of all makes and sizes. As a result, small cars are increasingly subject to the many hazards of sharing the road with such large and heavy vehicles. One of the risk factors that are known to result in serious accident incidents is distracted driving on the part of commercial vehicle operators. That is why strict federal regulations are in place to outline and combat conduct characterized as distracted driving.

Commercial vehicles targeted in Texas inspections

Whether a commercial vehicle accident is caused by a negligent driver, a company that failed to ensure the safety of their vehicles or any other factor, these wrecks can have severe consequences. On top of personal injury, hospital expenses and even loss of life, those who are involved in a crash may have to deal with legal issues as well. In Houston, Texas, anyone who is trying to move forward after a bus accident, van crash or other type of commercial vehicle wreck should do everything they can to recover.

Family escapes injury after commercial vehicle hits home

When it comes to a commercial vehicle crash, there are a number of factors that may contribute to the accident, including driver fatigue, intoxication, poor road conditions, negligence and many others. Unfortunately, these wrecks sometimes cause serious personal injury and even claim lives. In Houston, Texas, hectic roads may increase the likelihood of a commercial vehicle accident taking place, which should remind drivers to be aware of the risks.

Dump truck involved in fatal Texas crash

Commercial vehicle accidents continue to occur for many reasons. Some incidents are caused by a fatigued truck driver, while others take place due to the negligence of another. Regardless of the reasons behind these wrecks, they can cause debilitating personal injury and even claim lives in Houston and throughout Texas. As a result, everyone on the road should be aware of the risks and do what they can to avoid another incident from causing so much pain and suffering for victims and their families.

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