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Can I sue if a car hits my dog?

For many Houstonians, the family dog is truly part of the family. Many neighborhoods house families who love their dogs and walk them every day. Of course, if you walk your dog in a residential neighborhood that has street traffic, you run the risk of an accident that leaves your dog injured or killed.

More than just a neck sprain: Whiplash can be a serious car crash injury

Many Houston residents have had the experience of being rear ended on the highway. Rear-end car accidents are a daily occurrence in the Houston area. The prevalence of cellphones and other in-car distractions only increase the likelihood of being involved in a rear-end crash.

Texas Is Lenient On Texting-and-Driving

In the United States, more than 340,000 motor vehicle accidents each year result from texting-and-driving. That's almost 1,000 accidents every day. According to The Huffington Post, using a phone while driving increases the risk of a crash by a factor of four. As cell phone use has increased, so has the number of fatalities and serious injuries caused in motor vehicle accidents. In 2014 in Texas, more than 17,000 people were severely injured and more than 3,500 were killed in crashes. Both these figures represent increases over previous years.

What steps should you take after an auto accident?

Every year, drivers throughout the country are involved in car accidents that cause serious injuries and claim lives. These incidents continue to occur for various reasons, from poor road conditions to traffic congestion and reckless negligence.

Man taken to hospital after Houston auto accident

When someone has been injured in a car accident, they could experience a variety of hardships which interrupt their life and make it difficult to move forward. Lost wages stemming from an inability to work, medical expenses and debilitating injuries are just some of the difficulties people in Houston and all over Texas may have to deal with after being hurt in a car crash. As a result, anyone who is attempting to recover from these problems after a car accident should make sure they are aware of all of their options.

Houston car accident claims two lives

When a fatal accident occurs, family members who have lost a loved one could experience many hardships. Not only is the emotional devastation considerably difficult, but funeral costs and medical expenses are some other burdens families may face. In Houston, Texas, people who are dealing with the tragic consequences of a fatal car accident should take a close look at all of their options. Although moving forward can be very tough, anyone who has experienced the loss of a family member should focus on how they can try to recover.

Texas car wreck claims high school senior's life

From bad visibility and inclement weather to poor road signs and other obstacles, there are many reasons why car crashes continue to appear in the news. In Houston, Texas, and the rest of the country, these tragedies can also create numerous hardships for the families and friends of victims. A wide variety of problems may arise following a deadly auto accident, including emotional pain, financial difficulties and more. Anyone who is struggling with this should thoroughly evaluate any options that may be available and try to find the best way to move forward.

Texas woman drives into backyard pool

Whether a car slams into another vehicle during rush hour traffic on a busy freeway or veers off the road onto private property in a quiet neighborhood, the details surrounding auto accidents vary. However, it is always unfortunate when someone loses their life or becomes seriously injured because of a car accident that could have been prevented. In Houston, Texas, these incidents take place for a variety of reasons, such as a negligent driver or someone texting while driving, which should remind everyone why safe driving is so important.

Bad weather causes fatal Texas car accident

Many of the causes of car accidents can be controlled, such as staying off of the phone when on the road and not driving when tired. However, some of them are out of our control, such as poor driving conditions, bad weather and the negligent behavior of other people. There are many examples of auto accidents in Houston and some of them claim lives. People deserve safe roads to drive on, so everyone should be attentive when behind the wheel.

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