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Preventing pedestrian accidents in Texas

The U.S. Department of Transportation reports that in 2012, the year for which the most recent data is available, more than 4,700 pedestrians were killed as the result of a motor vehicle accident. Our team at Grimes & Fertitta, P.C., has seen the devastating effects that a car vs. pedestrian incident can have. In the Department of Transportation report, Texas was the state with the second highest amount of such fatalities. With that in mind, we urge motorists and those on foot to follow the proper precautions to prevent an accident.

Is my child safe using the crosswalk on her own?

An important aspect of parenting is teaching children to be responsible and self-reliant. And while you, like so many other parents across the state of Texas, may be at the point where you are considering giving your kids more freedom, you likely have very real and valid concerns for their safety. Allowing kids to walk to and from school and other nearby destinations can go a long way to boost their sense of independence and confidence, but it is important for you to be aware of the many safety hazards they can confront along the way so that you can promote child-specific pedestrian safety efforts at all times.

Woman struck by bus in Houston

Whenever an auto-pedestrian accident claims another life or causes serious injuries, there are a number of questions that have to be asked. Whether a pedestrian has had their life interrupted because of a drunk driver or someone who failed to yield, anyone who is trying to move forward after a pedestrian accident should closely review their options. In some situations, taking legal action could be very beneficial and help people receive the benefits they need to recover from the physical, emotional and financial toll of a crash. In Houston, Texas, these tragedies continue to appear in the local news, which is why drivers and pedestrians should be especially vigilant when they take to the road.

Pedestrian passes away following Houston accident

Whether someone is hit by a car while attempting to cross the road or if a vehicle veers off of the street, the details of pedestrian accidents may vary. However, regardless of the particular ins and outs of a story, too many of them involve a pedestrian who lost their life or suffered serious personal injury. Sadly, many of these accidents could have been prevented. In Houston, there are numerous factors that could play a role in a pedestrian accident, such as a negligent or drunk driver and failure to yield. As a result, drivers need to be aware of pedestrians and make sure that they are not responsible for causing another deadly wreck.

Accident claims the life of Texas pedestrian

When a pedestrian is struck by a car, the outcome can be devastating. Even if they are fortunate enough to survive, they could struggle with a debilitating personal injury that prevents them from working or taking care of their responsibilities. In Houston and across the state, these incidents continue to take place at an alarming rate. Drivers should do everything they can to prevent another auto-pedestrian accident from occurring, such as paying close attention to every crosswalk and always obeying traffic laws.

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