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3 things to know about seeking compensation for personal injury in Texas

You were hurt in a car or semitruck accident and had to seek medical care and take time off of work. You might be disabled or you might have to suffer from the effects of the accident for the rest of your life. You may be ready to take action to hold the other driver or the person who is responsible for the accident accountable for your injuries. If the accident occurred in Texas, you should know these three points about seeking compensation.

The importance of dram shop liability

Perhaps the most tragic part of drunk driving accidents is that they are entirely preventable. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal in the state of Texas, as is selling and/or serving alcohol to anyone who is obviously intoxicated. Fortunately for DUI accident victims and their families, there are personal injury options available to hold all liable parties accountable for their actions. The attorneys at Grimes & Fertitta, P.C., understand that pursuing dram shop liability is not only an important step to achieving the compensation that accident victims deserve, but can actually help to save other lives in the process.

Motorcycle accident risks

The attorneys at Grimes & Fertitta, P.C., understand firsthand the sense of freedom and exhilaration that can come from riding a motorcycle. Unfortunately, however, we are also all too familiar with just how serious motorcycle accidents can be. If you or a loved one ride motorcycles anywhere in the state of Texas, it's important to be familiar with some of the major collision risk factors you may find yourself confronted by along the way.

Texas festival goers struck by suspected drunk driver

Even though most drivers understand how important it is to always obey traffic laws and be vigilant when behind the wheel, car accidents involving a negligent driver continue to appear in the news. In Houston and throughout Texas, a number of factors can increase the likelihood of auto accidents, such as poor road conditions and crowded festivals. Sadly, these incidents can result in personal injury and loss of life, which is why it is so important for people to always drive safely.

Texas auto accident involves multiple vehicles

When car accidents occur, they can interrupt life and cause a number of problems. If you regularly drive in Houston, you might see some from time to time. In addition to personal injury and loss of life, auto accidents can also affect employment and result in lost wages. Additionally, those involved could have legal and financial difficulties that stem from the crash. Because these crashes can be so tragic and create a lot of problems, drivers should do everything they can to make the roads safer and prevent collisions.

Man struck by car while crossing street in Houston

If you spend a considerable amount of time walking in a busy, urban environment, you are probably familiar with some of the risks that pedestrians face on a daily basis. Unfortunately, it is not very surprising to hear about auto accidents in Houston that involve pedestrians. To prevent future injuries and deaths, every driver should be aware of pedestrians at all times.

Fog bank causes 95 car pile up

An early spring fog led to a massive pileup on mountain highway in southwest Virginia. Nearly 100 cars were ensnarled in 17 mile stretch of chain reaction accidents. In what was viewed as a demolition derby, car after car slammed into each other, not being able to stop in time to avoid accidents.

"Crash tax" to be implemented in Missouri City in March

Having an accident can certainly be costly. After all, there are costs associated with repairing your car (or at least obtaining a rental vehicle), costs with towing the vehicle from the scene, and of course, medical costs stemming from injuries you may suffer.

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