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What to do if you're injured in a commercial truck accident

The American roadways can be a very dangerous place. Every year, many thousands die due to vehicular collisions and other accidents. Even more are severely injured, with issues ranging from broken limbs and spinal damage to whiplash and post traumatic stress. When a person in a private vehicle experiences a collision or accident where the other vehicle is a semitruck or eighteen-wheeler, the people in the smaller vehicle are at elevated risk of severe injury or death.

When it's okay to cry over spilled milk (or other cargo)

Every motor vehicle accident scene has the potential to be a complicated mess, thanks to debris, injured parties and increasing levels of traffic congestion in the area. When a tractor trailer is one of the vehicles involved in the crash, it can take "mess" to a whole new level.

Know whom may be liable following a truck accident in Texas

Any motor vehicle accident in Texas can be devastating, especially those in which a large truck is involved. At Grimes & Fertitta, P.C., we understand the significant damage that results from a negligent truck driver, trucking company or defective vehicle. It is important to know whom you may hold liable following such an incident.

Examining the link between speed limiters and truck accidents

Nearly everyone in Houston has probably experienced a time when they found themselves stuck on the highway or freeway behind a slow-moving semi-truck or tractor trailer. While such instances might be a temporary annoyance, seeing these vehicles moving at slower speeds should be an encouraging sign to drivers. Given the massive sizes of these trucks, they can be extremely difficult to stop and/or maneuver at high speeds. Thus, truck drivers who consistently break the speed limit could pose a greater risk of causing a truck accident.

Commuter train involved in tractor trailer crash

Tractor-trailer truck operators are charged on a daily basis with navigating a huge number of road difficulties and obstacles, including wide turns. Similarly, commuter trains can encounter unexpected hazards in the process of traversing thousands of miles of tracks. That is why serious accidents can occur in the event that either type of vehicle fails to operate properly or abide by road safety guidelines. A recent collision occurred recently between a commuter train and tractor-trailer truck, raising concerns over liability and accountability.

Texas semi accident leaves one dead, one hospitalized

When a semi truck collides with another vehicle, the outcome can be devastating. Not only can big rigs be difficult to manage, but their size can increase the likelihood of serious injuries and fatalities occurring. In Houston, Texas, people who have lost a loved one or suffer from a permanent disability after a truck accident should try to recover from the tragedy. For some people, this may include filing a lawsuit to receive the compensation they need to pay for medical expenses, funeral costs, etc.

Part of Texas 360 shut down after truck accident

Whether a drunk truck driver gets behind the wheel, suffers from truck driver fatigue or another factor is involved, there are many reasons why truck wrecks happen. On top of physical injuries, such as a permanent disability or serious head injury, some people pass away because of a truck accident. In Houston and across Texas, those who have had their life interrupted after an accident should try to do everything they can to recover physically, emotionally and even financially.

Texas truck crash claims woman's life

When someone is involved in a semi truck crash, there is often a particularly high risk of serious injury and even death. In Houston, Texas, busy roads, poor driving conditions and a distracted or drunk truck driver are some of the factors that contribute to a truck accident, which may cause tremendous pain and suffering for those involved.

Trucker charged in fatal Houston crash

When a truck accident occurs, there are numerous factors that must be taken into consideration. For example, determining if the truck company was responsible for the crash in any way or whether the driver was intoxicated or driving negligently can have a significant impact on the case. In Houston, Texas, people continue to lose their lives due to a truck accident, which should remind drivers of the importance of always obeying traffic laws and driving safely.

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