Can I Get Sole Custody Of My Child?

At Grimes & Fertitta, P.C., we provide experienced counsel focused on the long-term health and happiness of your family. From our offices in Houston and The Woodlands, we have helped many parents secure sole or primary custody of their children.

Why Sole Custody Is Not Easy To Achieve

If you believe it is in your child's best interests to live full time with you, rather than splitting their time between both parents, you may seek a court order awarding you sole custody. That means your child will live primarily with you and you are solely responsible for important decisions regarding your child's health, education and upbringing.

Getting an order for sole custody is often difficult because Texas courts presume that shared custody is in a child's best interests, unless there are certain extenuating circumstances.

For example, a history of domestic violence, substance abuse or an unmanaged mental health condition may cause a court to order a sole custody arrangement.

Work With A Proven Team Of Lawyers

Whenever possible, we guide our clients through resolutions that minimize conflict and protect the best interests of the children. This often means negotiating child custody issues with your spouse and his or her attorney. However, if mediation fails to produce an acceptable outcome, our decades of trial experience are essential to getting the best possible result in litigation.

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