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Construction Accidents

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Houston Construction Accident Attorney

Many of our clients are hardworking individuals who only hire a construction accident attorney because they were hurt on the job and need more than the insurance company is offering. For families living paycheck to paycheck, it can be daunting to refuse a settlement or hold off on applying for workers’ compensation benefits. 

But one quick call can start you down the path to a fairer settlement/trial and a brighter future for you and your family. 

 If you or a loved one was injured on a job site due to the negligence of another party, then let Grimes & Fertitta be your ally in seeking justice and help you get every penny you deserve. Schedule a free consultation with an experienced Houston construction accident attorney by calling 713-224-7644.

An advocate for families dealing with the most common construction site accidents

Construction workers help build our homes, schools, roads and shopping centers. Unfortunately, accidents continue to happen frequently on construction sites due to a general disregard for the safety of workers on the job site. These accidents can change lives and the trajectory of a family’s well-being in an instant. 

As construction accident lawyers, we are proud to represent those trying to do an honest day’s work and build the infrastructure of the city in which we live. Some of the construction site accident examples our firm works to eliminate include:

  • Improper use or maintenance of equipment
  • Insufficient training
  • Crane or hoist accidents
  • Collapsed structures
  • Fires and explosions
  • Falling objects
  • Electrical accidents
  • Welding accidents

Richard Grimes and his entire staff were a pleasure to work with from the very onset of our case to the final conclusion . When we were faced with a challenging personal injury incident, Richard was able to intervene on our behalf and his professionalism, knowledge and great personality completely changed the trajectory of our case for the better. Richard and his assistant Deborah were extremely attentive to not only every detail but every question we had and kept in constant communication to ensure we understood the process every step along the way. I'm truly grateful to have been referred to Richard Grimes and would highly recommend Grimes & Fertitta.


Should I file a workers’ compensation claim?

As trusted Houston accident lawyers, we believe it’s our duty to share the facts, especially when it comes to potentially misleading advice about workers’ compensation claims.  Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that provides wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment.

The great thing about workers’ compensation is that injuries don’t need to be caused by employer negligence to receive benefits. Your employer may have told you to file a workers’ compensation claim under the premise that it will be enough to cover all of your expenses. However, worker compensation claims are not always the best option to pursue.

Accepting workers’ compensation benefits limits your ability to file a personal injury lawsuit and collect damages for pain and suffering. Therefore, employers or insurance companies may pressure you to file for worker’s compensation to prevent costly lawsuits from being filed.

During a free consultation, a Grimes & Fertitta construction accident attorney can review your case and help you determine if workers’ compensation is your best option or if the accident was caused by neglected and a larger settlement should be awarded.

What do I need to prove to win a personal injury lawsuit?

To win a construction accident lawsuit, you must establish three core things.

  1. The other party owed you a duty of care. A duty of care is a general duty to act as a reasonable person under similar circumstances would act.
  2. The person violated that duty by acting negligently.
  3. You suffered injuries and damages as a result of the negligence.

The amount of compensation awarded is tied to the cost of damages. A construction accident lawyer from Grimes & Fertitta can help you build a case to identify the negligent party and prove their negligence caused your injury.

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What happens if your employer is not responsible for the accident? 

In some cases, our construction accident attorney may determine your employer is not to blame for what happened. Our results may uncover one of the following third-parties are liable:

  • Owners of the construction site
  • Engineers
  • Architects 
  • General contractors
  • Equipment manufacturers (if it’s product liability)

As your advocate, we will pursue every possible avenue to help you and your family get justice. Our network of subject matter experts can recreate the accident scene, work with medical professionals to understand your injuries, and piece together exactly what happened.

How much compensation can a construction accident attorney help me get?

A construction accident lawyer from Grimes & Fertitta understands that accidents are expensive. Our trial-tested construction accident lawyers have decades of experience uncovering the cause of accidents, identify injuries, and accurately estimate the cost of future expenses. We take this information to the liable parties and demand that your expenses are taken care of. 

Some of the expenses we fight to get you compensated for include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Physical therapy costs
  • Counseling costs
  • Loss of wages
  • Property damage
  • Ongoing living expenses
  • Mortgage and rent
  • Pain and suffering

Why is Grimes & Fertitta the right fit for me?

As former insurance defense lawyers, we understand the way insurance companies operate. We are familiar with the strategies they use to try to limit or deny paying legitimate injury claims. We use our insider’s perspective to maximize your financial recovery in a full range of injury claims.

During your free initial consultation, one of our attorneys will meet with you to hear your story, answer your questions, and gather the information we need to start helping you

To us, you are an injured construction worker or family member who deserves the best representation possible. You are not a faceless case number, and we would be proud to represent your best interests in court if the responsible parties refuse to offer a fair settlement.

Contact a construction accident attorney from Grimes & Fertitta online or call us at 713-224-7644 for your free consultation. You only pay if you win.


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