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It is not uncommon for motorists in Texas to share the roadways with large trucks. Semi-trucks play a valuable role in our economy, impacting both intrastate and interstate commerce. However, these massive vehicles can be dangerous. When a driver is overworked, traveling too fast or not attentive, this could present risks to other motorists, even causing a serious collision.

The size of a commercial truck causes truck accidents to be severe. Even in a slow-moving collision, the size and weight of a truck can cause a great deal of destruction to a passenger vehicle. This can result in significant injuries to occupants of the passenger vehicle. At Grimes & Fertitta, P.C., our attorneys understand that tragedy and overwhelming confusion that can befall truck accident victims. Thus, our law firm is focused on helping victims understand their options and rights, so they can take timely action to pursue compensation.

Despite clear Texas traffic laws, many drivers don't use blinkers

Drivers who don't use their blinkers regularly increase the risk to everyone else on the road. Blinkers, also known as turn indicators or turn signals, serve a critical purpose for communicating with other drivers, as well as pedestrians and those on bikes.

When you approach other vehicles in traffic, understanding their intentions is critical to planning your own responses and route. If you don't know what another driver intends to do, how can you possibly make a safe and informed decision?

If a drunk driver is arrested after crash, can Texans still sue?

Drunk drivers are a danger to everyone that must share the roads with them. This Fourth of July, many Texas residents may witness intoxicated motorists driving in a manner that is erratic, hazardous and downright dangerous. Though law enforcement officials will do what they can to limit the number of accidents that are caused by these reckless individuals, some will still cause harm and devastation to others when they cause drunk driving accidents.

In the wake of a drunk driving accident, a responsible driver may be arrested for their conduct. Their arrest may be based on different alleged crimes and they may be prosecuted based on varying charges. Some victims may wonder what rights they have to sue such drivers if those individuals are already involved in the criminal justice system.

Traumatic brain injuries and your collision

Any time you get into a crash, there is the potential that you'll suffer from a traumatic brain injury. A traumatic brain injury typically occurs when there has been a blow to the head. However, even fast movements and sudden stops have the potential to lead to a brain injury as the brain impacts the inside of the skull.

For many people, a brain injury is only mild. It affects them for a short time, and they're able to recover. Other times, the injuries are more serious. They result in bruises, torn tissues and significant damage to the cells of the brain. Swelling can make quickly a moderate injury much worse, which is why it's essential to seek medical care right away.

Restaurant workers are subjected to many potential forms of harm

Eating out at a restaurant may be a treat for a Texas resident. They can choose from a menu of foods that they may not prepare at home, and they can avoid the stresses of cooking and cleaning up once they are done with their meal. However, for as relaxing as it is for a patron to have their dinner in a local restaurant, the workers in that facility may be working hard to manage their own health and safety.

Restaurants can be dangerous places to work. They are filled with hot surfaces where food is cooked. They contain many sharp knives that chefs may use to prepare meals and prep ingredients. Individuals who work in restaurant kitchens are often subjected to fast deadlines to ensure that food comes out cooked and ready when other meals are prepared to be served.

Crashes happen: Here's why and what you can do to help

Traffic accidents will likely always happen. There are so many variables, that there is no way to know everything that can be done to prevent a crash or to do everything correctly all the time. From being just a ilttle more tired than usual to having a malfunction of your vehicle, it's possible to have unexpected events happen that lead to a crash.

The factors that may influence you or other drivers and lead to crashes include:

  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Taking drugs
  • Using alcohol
  • Trying new medications
  • Side effects
  • Distractions outside the vehicle
  • Texting distractions
  • Distractions from people inside your vehicle
  • Sickness or medical problems

Did exhaustion contribute to a dangerous truck accident?

Texas residents likely understand that driving is not always an exciting task. While it can be fun to set off on a road trip to discover a new vacation spot or to visit friends, it can become monotonous after hours of time behind the wheel. Readers may have even experienced the tiredness that can set in when one has spent too much time driving without having taken a needed break.

When drivers fail to take breaks and drive for hours at a time, their focus can become lost and their brains may become exhausted. It is hard to make safe driving maneuvers when one is too tired to pay attention to their surroundings, and unsurprisingly these safety issues affect truck drivers at an alarming rate. Because truck drivers spend days of their lives driving, they can succumb to the exhaustion and dangers that accompany spending too much time behind the wheels of their rigs.

4 tips for getting through a weather-related crash

Crashes aren't unusual at any time of year, but when bad weather is a part of daily life, they can become more common. Houston is no stranger to the dangerous and possibly deadly storms in the spring and summer, so it's essential for drivers to know what to do when the skies darken and a storm is brewing.

You know that taking an advanced driving course and being prepared to stop and park in a severe storm are the best things you can do to help yourself, but what do you do if you're involved in a crash when the weather is hazardous?

Overexertion can result in musculoskeletal injuries and damage

It can be hard for a Texas resident to get up each morning and get to their job. However, most people are able to put forth a great amount of effort toward the completion of their work-related tasks once they arrive at their offices, construction sites or other work locations. That effort can help them finish their responsibilities faster and support the goals of their employers.

It is important for workers to work hard, but at the same time, workers must be protected from a common cause of workplace injuries and accidents: overexertion. Overexertion happens when a worker engages in the same motion or activity over and over again, causing stress and pain in their body. It may also happen when a worker is asked to do something that they are not physically capable of doing on their own, such as lifting a heavy object with a machine or additional support.

Victims do not have to fight their legal battles on their own

Suffering injuries in a motor vehicle accident can be an isolating experience. A victim may have loved ones who support them as they recover, providing them with care as they heal. However, a Texas resident who is hurt when a negligent driver collides with their vehicle must overcome their physical pain on their own and learn how to cope with their new limitations without the guidance of others.

Surviving a devastating motor vehicle accident can be difficult and it can also be expensive. Emergency medical bills alone can reach into the thousands of dollars, and if a motor vehicle accident victim must undergo surgeries, physical therapies or other accident-related treatments, there losses can be exorbitant. Some individuals never recover from their motor vehicle accident injuries; some never find financial security after incurring the costs of their medical care.

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