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Helping you take action after a workplace accident

Going to work can seem like a very routine activity for residents in Texas and elsewhere. While many individuals work in the same work environment day in and day out, others are constantly changing work sites due to their line of work. Regardless of where an employee works, the reality is that dangers in the workplace can come in many different forms. Thus, when a workplace accident occurs, an injured worker should take the time to understand what they can do to address the injuries and damages suffered.

Although dangerous work sites bring many risks, one does not need to work in such an environment to suffer a workplace injury. Additionally, even the most seasoned and skilled worker in the field could suffer harm because accidents do happen. And, when an accident is caused by the negligence of another party, an injured worker may be able to take legal action to obtain relief.

Sensory nerve pain can be a life-changing problem for patients

A catastrophic injury is any kind of injury that severely damages the spine or brain. Spinal fractures, skull fractures, damage to the spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries may all qualify as different kinds of traumatic injuries.

With catastrophic injuries, the reality is that your life is going to change. One of the side effects of these injuries that can be particularly painful is nerve damage with nerve pain.

Truck driver fatigue and the rate of truck accidents

Whether you are traveling in the morning, midday or at night, it is likely that you will encounter a commercial truck. Due to the constant need to make deliveries and shipments, semi-trucks and tractor-trailer trucks are constantly used across the nation. While there are many benefits associated with these massive vehicles, the reality is that they have the ability to cause much destruction if an accident ensues. While there are many causes of truck accidents, a major factor is truck driver fatigue.

Sleep-deprived truck drivers cause serious and fatal truck accident each year. When looking at the numbers form 2017, there were a total of more than 4,600 fatalities involving large trucks. It was determined that more than 1% of truck accidents are attributed to truck drivers that fell asleep at the wheel or were fatigued. This amounts to an average of 62 per year from 2015 to 2017.

Recognize road rage and take steps to get help

Road rage happens to many different drivers. It's not just being tense. It can lead to anger and vindictive actions that put others at risk.

Road rage is a selfish act. Named road ragers, these people are power hungry, wanting control over the road. What causes road rage? One suggestion is overcrowding on the roads.

Hurt in a truck crash? Know whom to hold accountable

You were on the highway headed to work when you noticed that the truck driver next to you seemed to be nodding off. You pulled ahead of him and honked a few times. He motioned to you, so you assumed he was fine.

As you approached the exit, you started to slow down. Unfortunately, that driver was still nearby. He had fallen asleep again, and now he was driving between the lanes. You were unable to get out of the way fast enough, so you ended up in a rear-end crash.

Is your injury work-related?

No one goes to work thinking they will suffer an injury that day. However, many workers in Texas and elsewhere are faced with workplace hazards. Additionally, a workplace injury could occur in any work environment. One does not need to be working in an inherently dangerous industry to suffer a work-related injury, as these injuries could occur in office settings as well.

When a workplace injury does occur, an injured employee should take the time to understand what rights they have. In other words, who is responsible for a workplace injury and is the injury, in fact, work-related?

Know what steps to take if you're in a fatal crash

When you were headed to downtown Houston with your friends, you were simply paying attention to the road and considering where you wanted to start your day. Maybe you'd go to a local cafe with your friends, or you'd go shopping first. The options were seemingly endless.

As you made the decision to turn left onto a neighboring street, a vehicle wanting to cross the intersection did not stop at its stop sign. You crossed directly into their path, with the green light to do so, but ended up involved in a T-bone collision. You were lucky, because the vehicle hit behind your driver's seat door, but your friend wasn't as fortunate. The impact was direct, and she did not survive.

Three DUI accidents in one weekend in Houston

Houston motorists understand that accidents can happen. In some cases, these incidents are simply unavoidable. Unfortunately, many of the crashes that occur on the roadways in Texas and other states across the nation are due to the negligence of other drivers. Whether it is due to distractions, speeding, recklessness or intoxication, a negligent driver is a dangerous factor to have on the roadways.

According to recent reports, the roadways in the Houston area saw a deadly and dangerous weekend. It was reported that local authorities responded to three drunk driving related collisions. In one of these incidents, a parent, who was traveling with the other parent and children, almost crashed into a police cruiser.

Helping you recover compensation following a truck accident

It is not uncommon for motorists in Texas to share the roadways with large trucks. Semi-trucks play a valuable role in our economy, impacting both intrastate and interstate commerce. However, these massive vehicles can be dangerous. When a driver is overworked, traveling too fast or not attentive, this could present risks to other motorists, even causing a serious collision.

The size of a commercial truck causes truck accidents to be severe. Even in a slow-moving collision, the size and weight of a truck can cause a great deal of destruction to a passenger vehicle. This can result in significant injuries to occupants of the passenger vehicle. At Grimes & Fertitta, P.C., our attorneys understand that tragedy and overwhelming confusion that can befall truck accident victims. Thus, our law firm is focused on helping victims understand their options and rights, so they can take timely action to pursue compensation.

Despite clear Texas traffic laws, many drivers don't use blinkers

Drivers who don't use their blinkers regularly increase the risk to everyone else on the road. Blinkers, also known as turn indicators or turn signals, serve a critical purpose for communicating with other drivers, as well as pedestrians and those on bikes.

When you approach other vehicles in traffic, understanding their intentions is critical to planning your own responses and route. If you don't know what another driver intends to do, how can you possibly make a safe and informed decision?

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