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Toxic Exposure

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Houston Chemical Injury Lawyers

Many hardworking individuals are exposed to dangerous chemicals daily and need the support and experience of chemical injury lawyers when negative side effects start to appear. Even with respirators and safety protocol in place, extended toxic exposure or a single negligent act can have lasting repercussions. 

If you or a loved one was injured due to toxic exposure, then let Grimes & Fertitta be your ally in justice to help you get fair compensation for your suffering. Schedule a free case evaluation with our compassionate Houston chemical injury lawyers by calling 713-654-1122 today.

Who is at risk for toxic exposure?

Some jobs are more inherently dangerous than others. Careers like firefighting and police work may come to mind when you think of employees risking their lives. While these professionals understand the risks they’re taking, other professionals may not be aware of the dangers until it is too late.

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At-risk jobs and occupations for toxic exposure include:

  • Industrial plant workers
  • Painters 
  • Rubber industry workers 
  • Oil refinery workers
  • Chemical lab workers 
  • Pesticide manufacturers
  • Paper manufacturers

Richard Grimes and his entire staff were a pleasure to work with from the very onset of our case to the final conclusion . When we were faced with a challenging personal injury incident, Richard was able to intervene on our behalf and his professionalism, knowledge and great personality completely changed the trajectory of our case for the better. Richard and his assistant Deborah were extremely attentive to not only every detail but every question we had and kept in constant communication to ensure we understood the process every step along the way. I'm truly grateful to have been referred to Richard Grimes and would highly recommend Grimes & Fertitta.


If you or a loved one is involved in any of the occupations above or another career where chemical exposure is possible, it’s important to get regular medical examinations to uncover illnesses that may be linked to the worksite.

Common injuries sustained from toxic exposure 

While chemical burns caused by direct exposure are easy to identify work injuries, sometimes more serious and costly injuries can take a while to appear. 

Some examples of injuries sustained from toxic exposure include:

  • Blood disorders 
  • Cancer
  • Brain Damage
  • Birth defects (If exposure occurs before or during pregnancy)
  • Breathing difficulties 
  • Stomach, heart, kidney, or liver conditions. 
  • Nervous system disorders

You may be wondering, “How can I prove chemical exposure caused the injuries?” At Grimes & Fertitta, we leverage the knowledge of our network of medical professionals and subject matter experts, in addition to the evidence collected from the scene, to prove how the injuries happened. 

Can I sue for chemical exposure? 

It depends on what happened. There are a few ways your case can be handled, and the compassionate chemical exposure lawyers from Grimes & Fertitta will guide you in the right direction.

One common path to receiving compensation after a work-related injury through workers’ compensation. This type of compensation can cover medical bills and lost wages for any injury on the job but does not include compensation for pain and suffering. Accepting workers’ compensation often waives your right to sue your employer for additional damages later on. 

Another way to receive compensation is through a personal injury lawsuit or toxic tort claim. To have grounds for a lawsuit, you must prove you were exposed to a particular chemical and that exposure caused injuries. Furthermore, you must prove that another party was responsible for your exposure and there was a breach in the duty of care. 

What approach will Grimes & Fertitta’s chemical injury lawyers take?

We invest the time to connect with every client on a personal level and fully understand their situation. Our goal is to find the best solution for you and your family by examining the facts of the case and relying on decades of experience as chemical exposure lawyers.

If there’s any chance your family might have a case above workers’ compensation, then our team will get to work uncovering all liable parties and calculate all current and potential medical expenses for a toxic tort case.

Most toxic tort injuries arise from occupational exposure, unintended pharmaceutical drug side effects, exposure in the home, or unsafe consumer products. We will investigate the cause and try to identify other individuals affected to build a class-action lawsuit which may produce greater chemical exposure settlements for everyone involved. 

Call a chemical injury lawyer at Grimes & Fertitta and gain peace of mind

Medical expenses, lost wages, decreased earning potential and the stress a chemical exposure injury causes, are not things you need to handle alone. The compassionate and experienced chemical injury lawyers from Grimes & Fertitta will fight for your best interests.

From listening to your story and offering advice to building a case and helping you obtain every penny you deserve, our team will treat you with dignity and respect throughout our entire relationship. To us, you are a person rather than a case number and we would be honored to help you find relief and move forward.

If you or a loved one was injured due to chemical exposure, call the trusted chemical injury lawyers at 713-224-7644 or contact us online for a free consultation today. 


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