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Child support

Child Support Lawyers in Houston

As child support lawyers in Houston, we understand that parents going through a divorce are often under significant stress. Between the sadness of ending a marriage and the financial pressures of property division, parents also have to deal with the uncertainty of custody battles and calculating child support.

Naturally, you want your child to be safe and taken care of, but you also want to be treated fairly. Unfortunately, many divorce attorneys seek unfair amounts of child support that don’t accurately reflect the care and support you already provide as a guardian.

The experienced child support lawyers at Grimes & Fertitta can help you reach a fair, accurate agreement that works in the best interests of you and your family. Contact us online, or call us at 713-224-7644 to schedule your consultation with one of our family law attorneys in Houston today.

Calculating child support

The most contentious issues child support lawyers in Houston see in any divorce often have to do with money. In Texas, child support is determined as a percentage of your net monthly resources including money made through your normal income, bonuses, or other business incomes. As of September 2019, the Texas child support guidelines cap monthly net resources are $9,200, meaning any monthly earnings above that amount will not be factored in when determining payments.

However, there are certain monthly resources that are exempt from inclusion when calculating child support, including:

  • Unpaid accounts receivable 
  • Stock dividends, interest 
  • SNAP or TNAF benefits
  • Income earned by a new spouse
  • Payments gained for providing foster care

A child support lawyer will take into account additional factors affecting your net take-home pay when determining child support. These include:

  • Union dues
  • Social security taxes
  • State income taxes
  • Federal income taxes
  • Money spent contributed to your child’s health insurance

Sometimes, an agreeable solution can’t be reached through standard calculations. In these circumstances, a child support lawyer can help you determine a fair and equitable child support arrangement that takes into account all the details that make your situation unique.

Child support modifications

Sometimes a child support agreement that may have been fair at the beginning of a divorce can become less so as circumstances change. In Texas, a parent can seek child support modifications due to material and substantial changes in circumstances. 

You may petition for child support modifications for any of the following factors:

  • The child moves or changes living arrangements
  • The child develops new medical or educational needs
  • The non-custodial parent loses their job
  • The non-custodial parent’s income changes significantly 
  • The non-custodial parent becomes fiscally responsible for another child

You may also be able to petition for a modification to your child support agreement every three years after the initial agreement was reached. 

How much will this all cost me?

No matter how you slice it, divorce is expensive. In addition to figuring out property division and possible alimony (not to mention the child support itself), you may be wondering things like, “How much is a child support lawyer?” and, “Who pays court costs in child support cases?”

Ultimately, the judge has final discretion and can decide to apportion court and attorney fees to the parent most able to afford them. While the cost of hiring an experienced child support lawyer will vary based on the number of hours your case requires, court costs and attorney fees may both be reassigned should a judge deem you or your spouse indigent (unable to pay). 

How can a lawyer help with child support?

As much as you may love and care for your children, those factors alone are not enough to protect your rights as a parent during a divorce or the modification process.

An experienced child support lawyer in Houston can help you navigate the complex rules governing child support payments and modifications, working with you and your spouse’s attorney to determine a fair split that reflects your financial reality and not misrepresentations by your former spouse and their lawyer.

Further, a child support lawyer can help you handle the complicated documents and processes that come with a child support agreement, reviewing negotiations and payment orders, both saving you time and effort and ensuring fairness and accuracy.

Need a child support lawyer to protect your rights? Call Grimes & Fertitta today.

No one can put a price on your relationship with your child(ren), but it is important a child support agreement be established fairly and with the best interests of both the child and their parents in mind. 

At Grimes & Fertitta, we see the real lives behind all the legal paperwork and work closely with you to ensure a fair and equitable outcome that works for you and your family.

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