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Grimes & Fertitta: Trusted Divorce Lawyers in Houston, TX

We know that you never said “I do” expecting to wind up on this webpage or looking for a divorce lawyer in Houston, TX. Divorce is often deeply personal, upsetting, and full of uncertainties. But when handled properly, it can also offer those involved the opportunity to reach a better, healthier place in life.

When you work with an experienced Grimes & Fertitta divorce lawyer in Houston, TX, you’re getting more than just a divorce lawyer; you’re getting a dedicated ally with deep knowledge of family law matters. It is our goal to help you navigate this complicated process and find a fair outcome for you and any children who may be involved.

If you are interested in pursuing divorce or have already been contacted by your spouse’s lawyer, don’t wait to enlist legal help. The sooner you act, the better: contact the experienced, compassionate Grimes & Fertitta divorce lawyers in Houston, TX today!

Our divorce lawyers in Houston can also provide legal representation for cases pertaining to:

Why should I hire a divorce attorney in Houston?

If you and your spouse are absolutely certain that divorce is the only acceptable answer, the first person you should contact is an experienced divorce attorney in Houston — and the sooner you act, the better, especially if your spouse has already retained a lawyer and filed for divorce.

By acting early, you and your Houston divorce attorney are better able to find amicable solutions to complicated issues that can arise during divorce proceedings, particularly in a high net-worth marriage.

Your lawyer can help you unpack and respond to your spouse’s demands fairly and reasonably, helping you build a case that a judge is more likely to find agreeable. Additionally, if you are the spouse initiating the divorce, your lawyer can help you take protective actions early in the proceedings that can help to minimize tensions and simplify this already-stressful process.

How a divorce lawyer in Houston, TX helps you navigate the divorce process

Unfortunately, there’s nothing simple about divorce proceedings, especially when children, property, or other high-value assets are involved. These are some of the issues and family law matters you and your divorce attorney in Houston will work to settle during the divorce process.

Discovery: Once one or both spouses have made their initial demands known, your divorce will enter the discovery phase. During this phase, you and your lawyer will gather the evidence and documentation needed to build your case and disprove any unfair claims your spouse may be alleging. Having a strong, experienced divorced attorney on your side during discovery can pay off in dividends, as they will be able to anticipate potential claims or attacks and can help you stay one step ahead.

Settlement: With the evidence gathered your divorce lawyer in Houston and your spouse’s attorney will convene to negotiate a settlement, typically with a mediator involved to help things stay productive. 95% of divorces are settled this way and for good reason; issues like child support, alimony and spousal support, and property division can become much messier when they reach court, and sometimes the judge’s verdict isn’t what either party truly wants.

Trial: As divorce lawyers in Houston, we do our best to help our clients avoid the stress of a divorce trial. However, we are prepared to protect you against stubborn, unreasonable demands in court. During a divorce trial, you and your divorce attorney in Houston will argue your case against a judge (no jury) who will ultimately decide how to respond to you and your spouse’s demands. The attorneys at Grimes & Fertitta are experienced trial lawyers; we know the standard expected by family law judges and know what it takes to build an effective case for this setting.

Common issues in divorce proceedings

Everyone’s life is unique, and as such, no two divorce proceedings are 100% alike. For instance, there’s a world of difference between spouses who live in an apartment with no children getting a divorce and a business owner with three children from prior and multiple properties getting a divorce.

There are a number of different factors that a Grimes & Fertitta divorce lawyer in Houston, TX can help you address. These include:

Why choose Grimes & Fertitta for your divorce lawyer in Houston, TX?

With decades of combined experience and a reputation for excellence, Grimes & Fertitta, P.C., in Houston, Texas, and The Woodlands helps clients find solutions to complicated divorce issues that other attorneys may not be equipped to handle.

Our lawyers take a special interest in high net worth divorces involving complex issues such as hidden assets, business valuations, and division of retirement investments.

Despite our deep experience with large, complex cases Grimes & Fertitta is a small team that emphasizes the real people and real lives that make you more than just a case number. When you hire a Houston divorce attorney from Grimes & Fertitta, the faces you see on the site belong to the same people who will help you work through your divorce — from the first consultation to the final settlement.

Put your divorce in the right hands: Contact Grimes & Fertitta today

An experienced divorce lawyer in Houston, TX knows how stressful a divorce can be. That’s why at Grimes & Fertitta we work closely with you to build a strong agreement and to limit the time, resources, and emotional strain of litigation. The faster you act, the easier it is to get your divorce off to a more productive and fairer start.

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