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Daycare Provider Negligence

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Trusted Child Injury Lawyers in Houston

Parents searching for child injury lawyers in Houston are often going through a horrific experience. Many have just received word that their child has suffered from injuries, abuse, or has even passed away because of a caregiver’s neglect.

At Grimes & Fertitta, our daycare negligence lawyers advocate for you in and out of the courtroom. We aim to give your family peace by guiding your case towards the best possible outcome in a straightforward and compassionate manner.

You are not alone in your fight for justice. To consult with some of the top child injury lawyers Houston has to offer, contact us online  or call us at 713-224-7644 today.

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Why hiring a daycare negligence lawyer can help you (and other families)

The state of Texas requires all licensed daycares to meet minimum standards for safety, supervision, sanitation, nutrition, and staffing, all overseen by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. When can I sue a daycare for neglect? If a daycare improperly screens their employees, ignores  or fails to meet your child’s dietary needs, doesn’t maintain a safe environment for your child, or fails to supervise your child, they can be sued for negligence.

Hiring a daycare negligence lawyer affords those who wish to sue a negligent daycare facility two main benefits. The first is having an advocate to walk you through the complex legal process of addressing daycare negligence. An experienced child injury lawyer in Houston can help build a strong case and preemptively act upon any tactics the daycare may try to use to shirk their responsibilities.

The second benefit is the potential to collect damages that help your child and your family recover from abuse and neglect. Abuse and neglect, especially in early childhood, is a severely traumatic experience; your settlement should include compensation for not only physical health care for your child, but mental health care as well.

Signs of abuse or neglect in your child

It’s natural for kids to occasionally come home with small bumps and bruises, but these should never become a regular occurrence. A daycare injury is any compromise to a child’s physical or mental health as a result of abuse or neglect in a daycare facility. They can include physical injuries due to accidents with other children, accidents with unsafe or toxic toys , and eating spoiled food, as well as emotional injuries.

Whether you suspect your daycare of negligent behavior or simply want to be proactively defensive of your child’s health, the following are common signs of physical or emotional abuse or neglect:

  • Unexplained cuts and bruises
  • A change in behavior, such as aggression, acting out, clinginess, or withdrawal
  • Unusual thirst or hunger after daycare
  • Frequently coming home with a soiled diaper
  • Trouble sleeping and/or nightmares
  • Lethargy due to neglected nap schedules
  • Avoidance or fear the daycare and/or the caretakers associated with it
  • Sudden, unexplained developmental delays when previously developing normally
  • A sudden, unexplained increased interest in sexual activity and behaviors
  • Complaints of discomfort and soreness around the genitals

If any part of you suspects that your child may be the victim of an abusive daycare environment, call a doctor. Then call the Grimes & Fertitta daycare injury lawyers in Houston.

Richard Grimes and his entire staff were a pleasure to work with from the very onset of our case to the final conclusion . When we were faced with a challenging personal injury incident, Richard was able to intervene on our behalf and his professionalism, knowledge and great personality completely changed the trajectory of our case for the better. Richard and his assistant Deborah were extremely attentive to not only every detail but every question we had and kept in constant communication to ensure we understood the process every step along the way. I'm truly grateful to have been referred to Richard Grimes and would highly recommend Grimes & Fertitta.



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Signs of a potentially dangerous daycare facility

A daycare should be a safe and nurturing environment. Unfortunately, it only takes one bad actor to slip through the cracks and cause harm through abuse and neglect.  The following are signs that a daycare or a daycare employee may be providing inadequate care for the children left in its care.

  • Inadequate caregiver-to-child ratio
  • Failure to provide care for special needs children and/or ADA violations
  • Providing inadequate nutrition or ignoring of food allergies
  • Too little or no safety precautions against a child being able to exit the facility
  • Swearing and/or yelling at children
  • Improper sanitation
  • Improper quarantine procedures for sick children
  • Poorly-stocked First Aid kits
  • Surveillance cameras that are constantly broken

The one thing all daycare injuries have in common is that they could have been prevented if the caregivers paid attention and followed the protocols set forth by TDFPS. Grimes & Fertitta will not stop until the individuals responsible for harming your child are brought to justice. Nobody who harms the most vulnerable among us deserves to get off without answering to the fullest extent of the law.

Grimes & Fertitta: Daycare injury lawyers in Houston

Our kids deserve nothing but the safest, healthiest environments where they can learn and grow. Any caregiver who betrays their vow to protect the vulnerable among us must answer for any injuries their negligence or abuse has caused.

A daycare negligence lawyer from Grimes & Fertitta will fight for everything you and your family need to heal and move forward because you and your children deserve the healthiest, happiest future.

Let the Grimes & Fertitta family  fight for your family. To request a free consultation, contact us online  or call 713-224-7644 today.

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