Divorce And Your Children

When going through a divorce, your relationship with your children is likely your primary concern. Staying connected with your children and making sure they are taken care of — physically, financially and emotionally — are essential.

At Grimes & Fertitta, P.C., in Houston, Texas, and The Woodlands, we work closely with parents and their children dealing with legal issues related to divorce.

Compassionate, Kid-Friendly Counsel

Divorce often has a lasting impact on children, but there are ways to minimize their stress and help them deal with your breakup. With more than 35 years of combined experience helping individuals and families, our lawyers can help you be there for your children and make wise choices on their behalf.

There are many ways to support children who are coping with divorce:

  1. Be honest, but sensitive when talking about the divorce.
  2. Listen and acknowledge their feelings.
  3. Present a united front whenever possible. Let your children know that both parents love them and will be there for them.
  4. Avoid badmouthing your former spouse to your children.
  5. Provide stability and maintain routines to minimize disruption.

Our attorneys have helped hundreds of clients resolve complex issues of child custody and support while putting their children's needs first. Let us help you.

Personal Attention, Proven Results

When you are caring for children and going through a legal struggle, we know it can be difficult to separate their best interests from your own. We are not here to judge you or make decisions for you. We are here to help you fight for your family's best future.

To learn more about divorce and your children, please contact us for a consultation. You may reach our offices in Houston and The Woodlands at 281-407-8256 or 800-584-3973 toll free.