Have You Been Injured By A Drunk Driver?

When people drink and get behind the wheel, they put everyone on the road in danger. The staggering stats provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration demonstrate this fact.

Crashes resulted in:

  • Thousands of fatalities
  • Tens of thousands of nonfatal injuries
  • Tens of billions in economic costs

The most important mechanism for obtaining accountability and compensation for drivers injured in drunk driving accidents is the civil justice system. If you or someone close to you has been injured, get in touch with our lawyers.

Protecting Your Rights

At Grimes & Fertitta, P.C., in Houston, Texas, and The Woodlands, our attorneys can protect your rights and preserve the evidence necessary to pursue a claim against the negligent party who caused your injuries. We will work with accident reconstructionists and professional investigators to uncover the truth about the cause of your accident and who is responsible for your injuries.

Dramshop Liability

Additionally, we may be able to pursue dramshop liability. If it was found that the other driver was overserved by an establishment, we can seek to maximize your compensation by holding it accountable, as well. That said, evidence can quickly disappear in these cases, so it is critical to take decisive action. We look forward to hearing from you.

Get The Justice You Deserve

Hit by a drunk driver? Schedule a consultation to discuss your case with one of our lawyers. Contact us through our website or call at 281-407-8256 or 800-584-3973.