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  • The Woodlands Family Law Attorney Sep 17, 2020

    When you find yourself needing a family lawyer in The Woodlands, it’s typically an emotional time. You may be in the process of ending a difficult marriage or thinking about creating a prenup for a marriage you’re excited to enter. 

  • Use a Prenup Lawyer The Woodlands Trusts Sep 10, 2020

    Use a Prenup Lawyer The Woodlands Trusts Looking for a prenup lawyer in The Woodlands? All signs point to that move being a smart one. As much as your future marriage makes sense now, a prenup can actually help protect your marriage in troubled times, help settle issues that may have otherwise gone unaddressed, and (of course) make things easier if things don’t wind up working up. 

  • Questions to Ask Your Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney Aug 31, 2020

    As experienced Woodlands motorcycle accident injury attorneys, we know just how painful and scary the aftermath of a motorcycle crash can be for victims and their loved ones — especially if that crash resulted in a wrongful death. 

  • What is Considered a Defective Product? Aug 24, 2020

    If you’ve ever been injured while using an item you purchased, you’ve probably found yourself wondering “what is considered a defective product?” It’s a fair question; when you bring home a product, you expect it to work safely and as advertised. When it doesn’t, it’s only natural to want the manufacturer to be held accountable — especially if you believe that a manufacturing defect led to an injury or wrongful death.

  • The Most Common Car Accident Injuries in Texas Aug 02, 2020

    We may think of car accidents as freak occurrences but, unfortunately, car accidents and common car accident injuries occur more often than they should. More than 3 million people are injured in car accidents each year, and many common car accident injuries can leave their victims with lifelong consequences. 

  • 5 Mistakes to Avoid During a High Asset Divorce  Jul 31, 2020

    Among other things, high asset divorce shares one particular aspect with all other types of divorce: it is rarely, if ever, easy. In fact, because so much is being put on the line — marital assets, business assets, trusts, etc., — the stakes are often raised for those in high asset divorces. 

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