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Motorcycle rider killed after crash with dump truck

The freedom of riding a motorcycle is felt by millions across the country. Ask an avid rider, and there is nothing like the feeling of floating across the road. Motorcyle use has grown substantially with gas prices reaching record highs, and the increase of traffic on Houston highways.

However, the danger that comes with riding motorcycles has not changed. Despite advances in helmets (and the increase in use), motorcycle riders do not have the protective cage that protects passengers in cars. Because of this, many accidents that motorcycle riders have are fatal, especially when they are with trucks.

Such was the case with a Houston motorcyclist who crashed into the back of a dump truck in the early hours of Thursday morning. According to a KHOU.com report, the accident occurred on Briar Forest Drive near West Sam Houston Parkway. 

The cause of the crash is still under investigation, but police investigators indicated that the dump truck had just turned onto the street when the motorcyclist crashed into it at a high rate of speed. They suspect that the rider did not see the truck, or could not stop before having a collision.

The rider (who was not identified) was taken to the hospital to address head injuries. He was reportedly not wearing a helmet.

Naturally, truck drivers have a duty to use reasonable care in operating their  vehicles. This includes looking for oncoming traffic before turning, and using good judgment to gauge the speed and distance of such traffic. If this duty is breached (i.e. not followed) and an accident occurs as a result, the driver could be held liable for the injuries suffered. 

Source: KHOU.com, Motorcycle rider seriously hurt after slamming into dump truck, May 23, 2013

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