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What to do if you're injured in a commercial truck accident

The American roadways can be a very dangerous place. Every year, many thousands die due to vehicular collisions and other accidents. Even more are severely injured, with issues ranging from broken limbs and spinal damage to whiplash and post traumatic stress. When a person in a private vehicle experiences a collision or accident where the other vehicle is a semitruck or eighteen-wheeler, the people in the smaller vehicle are at elevated risk of severe injury or death.

If you or a loved one were injured or killed in a commercial truck accident, an increasingly common issue, retaining an attorney as soon as possible is imperative.

What are the effects of a commercial truck accident?

From the loss of mobility and the expense of replacing or repairing a vehicle to the impossible-to-calculate expenses involved in losing a family member to a vehicular accident, these incidents with commercial trucks have long-lasting impacts in a physical, mental, and financial sense. If there was a fatality, in addition to funeral expenses and loss of income, the family may also require therapy or counseling to deal with their grief and survivor's guilt, if they were also present in the vehicle.

If there are non-fatal injuries, there can be massive expenses incurred. From emergency transportation to the hospital to life-saving surgeries, bone setting, testing, and ongoing treatments, pain medication, and physical and/or occupational therapy, the expenses can keep accruing for months or even years.

Your family may not have health insurance that will cover all of these expenses, or your insurance provider may delay payments while they attempt to settle who is liable to pay: them, your car insurance, or the trucker's insurance company. As a result, these bills can pile up, impacting your financial stability and even your credit.

How attorneys help in trucking accidents

If you or a loved one have been injured or killed in a trucking accident involving a commercial vehicle, such as an eighteen-wheeler or semitruck, the most important first step, other than obtaining immediate medical attention, is to retain an attorney who has experience with personal injury cases.

Ideally, this lawyer will have a case history that includes these kinds of devastating commercial trucking accidents. He or she understands the law, as well as Texas case precedent. This legal professional can advocate for your rights and the needs of your family to help ensure you won't be impacted for the rest of your lives due to someone else's driving mistake or professional negligence.

Not only can attorneys bring necessary action against insurance companies that are refusing to pay in a timely manner, they can also discuss what other options may be available for compensation and care in the aftermath of a commercial truck accident. Don't delay until the medical bills go to collections. Call as soon as you know you'll need an attorney's help.

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