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What to do when your child is injured in a vehicular accident

Because it is such a regular part of our daily lives, many of us take for granted that we will reach our destinations safely when traveling in a motor vehicle. However, for thousands of people every year, that it simply not the case.

It can be disconcerting for parents to realize that minor children are at particularly high risk of injury or death during a vehicle accident. Proper safety equipment, including car seats and booster seats, can reduce the likelihood of severe injury or death to child passengers during an accident, but they don't guarantee safety. If your child has been injured in an accident, seek professional help immediately.

Child injuries and deaths in accidents are common

According for the Center for Disease Control, unintentional injury is the number one cause of death in children ages 1 to 18, and motor vehicle accidents are one of the biggest sources of unintentional trauma injuries. For parents, this means that each time you let your children travel in a motor vehicle, you are assuming some risk that they could contribute to those statistics.

Certainly, there are certain safety measures, such as using age and size-appropriate restraints that can reduce that risk, but even the best prepared parent driver can not prevent someone else's negligence or improper driving from impacting their lives.

What to do if your child has been injured

If your child is injured in a motor vehicle accident in the state of Texas, the first thing you should do is seek emergency medical help and notify law enforcement of the accident. If you are able to, take some photographs or video with your cellphone or that of a passenger or witness to document the accident scene before leaving to seek medical help. This ensures that an accurate record of the immediate fallout of the accident exists to substantiate your recollection of events.

You should also contact an experienced attorney with a background in motor vehicle lawsuits and personal injury law to protect your family's future and best interests.

The collateral damage of an accident

Dealing with a child who has suffered an injury due to an accident can be expensive and time consuming. From missed work due to doctor's appointments and physical therapy to medical bills for setting bones or therapy for helping the child cope with the recent trauma, bills mount rapidly. In cases of a motor vehicle accident fatality, there are funeral expenses, possibly medical bills, and the need for therapy for the surviving family members. Your family shouldn't have to worry about these issues when recovering from an accident.

How an attorney can help

Insurance companies may try to argue with one another about who should pay, leaving your family with a stack of bills. An attorney with the right personal injury experience can help prevent that from happening to your family. They can help negotiate with the insurance companies and medical providers to prevent damage to your credit, and they can help your family pursue legal action against the party responsible for the accident. As soon as your family is safe after an accident, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible to find out what recourse is available.

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