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Top causes of motorcycle accidents

Let's be honest, riding a motorcycle is fun. It is exhilarating and saves on gas. It is nice knowing that your ticket to freedom and adventure is sitting just a few feet outside your door. Unfortunately, along with that freedom and adventure comes a high level of danger. Riding a motorcycle makes you more vulnerable to other motor vehicles, bad weather conditions and poor roads.

Before you become the victim of a motorcycle accident, take the time to refresh yourself on safety techniques and other knowledge that can help you avoid a wreck. Read further to learn more about the top causes of motorcycle accidents.

Risky maneuvers

How many close calls have you had because you took a corner too fast? Since cornering too quickly is one of the top causes of motorcycle accidents, it is important that you always take turns and curves in the road slowly. When making a turn, speed and timing are vital. If you miscalculate just a little bit, you can easily lay the bike down.

Rear-end accidents

While you might always keep your distance from the vehicle in front of you, that may not be true for the cars and trucks coming from behind you. Whether you are in motion or stopped at a traffic light, always assume that you are invisible to the drivers behind you. Try to maintain a position that gives you room to make a defensive maneuver to avoid a rear-end collision.

Blind spots

As mentioned above, the majority of drivers are not going to see you. This is especially true when you fit perfectly into a blind spot. If you have to ride next to or behind another vehicle, ride in a place where you can see yourself in that driver's side mirror. If you do not absolutely have to ride next to a car or truck, don't. Also, watch for car doors opening, especially if you are riding through downtown Houston where there are cars parked on the side of the road.


Yes, it is tempting to split the lane when traffic is heavy and you just want to get to your destination, but this is definitely not the safest choice you can make. Keep in mind that drivers are not expecting you and they often ride close the line. A driver that suddenly decides to merge into another lane can easily take you down if you are lane-splitting.

Excessive speed

Speeding is definitely a top contributor when it comes to motorcycle accidents. You risk losing control of the bike when something unexpected happens. When riding, try not to give in to the urge to open up the throttle. Instead, stay within the bounds of the speed limit so that you can avoid an accident and ride again tomorrow.

While the above tips can help keep you safe on the road, it is not always possible to avoid a motorcycle accident with a negligent driver. If this happens, always remember that you have rights and options, such as taking legal action to get the compensation and justice you deserve.

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