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Questions to Ask Your Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney

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Questions to Ask Your Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney

motorcycle accident injury attorney

As experienced Woodlands motorcycle accident injury attorneys, we know just how painful and scary the aftermath of a motorcycle crash can be for victims and their loved ones — especially if that crash resulted in a wrongful death

Each new day following a motorcycle accident comes with more questions for injured motorcycle riders and their families: “Can I trust the insurance companies?” “How will I pay for all this medical care?” “Why should I hire a motorcycle accident injury attorney?”

Before you sign any agreements related to motorcycle accident injuries, it’s critical that you speak to a Houston personal injury attorney or a personal injury lawyer in The Woodlands and get open and honest answers to any question you may have.

During your consultation, consider asking your potential motorcycle accident injury attorney these top questions.

1. Have you represented motorcycle accident personal injury cases before? 

Everyone has to get their start somewhere, but when it comes to your case, you don’t want to be someone’s guinea pig. Finding a motorcycle accident injury lawyer with experience negotiating for and trying motorcycle accident personal injury is key, so you will want to verify that they have experience in this area when you speak with your potential lawyer in person. 

If the lawyer starts talking about their experience with Houston or The Woodlands car accidents in general instead of motorcycle accidents specifically, that may be a red flag. You’ll want to ask again if they have experience handling a personal injury case involving a motorcycle accident.

That’s because the particulars surrounding motorcycle accident cases (including everything from common types of motorcycle accident injuries to product liability issues) can differ widely from the particulars of truck, bus, bike, or car accident cases. 

Grimes & Fertitta have successfully represented many motorcycle accident cases since the firm’s inception and would be more than happy to discuss our experience with you. 

2. What is your track record as a motorcycle accident injury attorney? 

There are experienced motorcycle accident injury attorneys, and then there are experienced motorcycle attorneys who win. Your lawyer should be able to provide you with examples of successful cases they’ve represented in the past. 

In some instances, they may even be willing to pass along the contact information of a previous client (although this depends highly on the privacy preferences of the clients) so that you can ask them questions about the firm’s strengths and weaknesses.

For more information regarding Grimes & Fertitta’s track record, please refer to our victories webpage or ask us about our successful motorcycle accident cases during your consultation.  

3. Who will be representing me? 

In many larger firms, only big-name or wealthy clients are represented by the heads of the firm, while other clients are often passed around from attorney to attorney. This style of representation leads many clients to feel like their case and their struggles are no more to the firm than a case number on a file folder. 

That’s not our style. Grimes & Fertitta has kept our firm intentionally small so that the motorcycle accident injury attorneys you meet with are the attorneys who will be handling your case. We are a close-knit firm that cares deeply about our clients’ well-being and best interests, and we manage our caseload such that your case gets the attention it needs and deserves. 

4. How will you proceed with my case, and will it go to trial? 

After selecting the motorcycle accident injury attorney to represent you, the discovery process of your case will begin. During this process, your lawyer(s) will begin assessing your case in full, investigating the root cause of your accident, and calling up the help of subject-matter experts. 

These are standard practices in any personal injury law firm. What you need to look out for when discussing this stage of your case during a consultation is how they discuss: 

  • The thoroughness of their investigative processes 
  • Whether or not they have actually have access to and the budget for subject-matter experts
  • Whether or not they intend to be trial-ready 

That last point is especially important. Some cases may resolve more smoothly, effectively, and quickly with a settlement. However, if you cannot reach an agreeable settlement with the opposing party and/or insurance company, then you may want to go to trial. 

Either way, it’s imperative that your motorcycle accident injury attorney is always trial-ready

Being trial-ready not only helps clients should negotiations falter, but shows that you are serious about your claim(s) and that you are prepared to go to trial should it be necessary. 

5. How should I communicate with my insurance adjuster?

From the get-go, your motorcycle accident injury attorney should provide you with clear instructions regarding how to deal with your insurance adjuster. After assessing your case, they will be able to estimate the amount of compensation for your injuries you will need to offset accident-related expenses — and measure this against the amount offered to you by your insurance company. 

While it’s an insurance company’s job to ensure its clients, insurance companies are still businesses, and businesses have a vested interest in watching their bottom line. Unfortunately, these circumstances mean that adjusters are often under extreme pressure to lowball the settlement amounts they offer. 

As former insurance company lawyers, the attorneys at Grimes & Fertitta are intimately familiar with the tactics insurance companies use to shave money off of your claim. Because of this knowledge, we are often able to head these strategies off before they even get underway.

Grimes & Fertitta are experienced motorcycle accident injury attorneys in Houston & The Woodlands

Your Grimes & Fertitta motorcycle accident injury attorney will work hard to ensure that either your insurance company or the responsible party doesn’t get away with shirking their responsibility to provide you with the compensation you need to recover. 

If you or someone you love have been involved in a motorcycle accident, chances are that you have more questions than those ones listed above. The lawyers at Grimes & Fertitta have answers. 

Work with a law firm that will never treat you like just another case number. Call 713-224-7644 or contact us online to schedule your free personal injury consultation today. 


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