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Avoid Lowball Insurance Settlement Offers

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Avoid Lowball Insurance Settlement Offers

Avoid Lowball Insurance Settlement Offers

The former insurance defense attorneys from Grimes & Fertitta are here to lend their expertise on how to avoid a lowball insurance settlement offer. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, “lowballing” is used to refer to when an insurance company offers you a smaller amount of compensation for your injury claim than you deserve. They do this in hopes you will accept a lower compensation rate than what you are actually owed, and to save them the work of calculating that cost.

Whether you’ve been in an auto or work-related accident, the insurance company of the party deemed responsible will likely handle your personal injury claim. Here are our answers to questions you should know before accepting a lowball settlement from an insurance company.

How can I tell if my insurance company is lowballing me

The insurance company will likely contact you soon after they are informed of the accident. It’s best to be aware of what may come up in the following conversation. In our experience, here are some tell-tale signs that you may be getting a lowball insurance settlement offer: 

  • The insurance company makes the offer quickly 
  • You feel pressured into accepting the settlement 
  • They dismiss evidence or question the severity of your injuries
  • They try to persuade you that you are to blame for your injuries 
  • They say that the offer is of equal value to what you’re owed
  • They halt all communication with you 

If your injuries have put you in a rough spot financially, receiving the full amount of financial compensation you are owed is crucial. Do not let your insurance company get away with paying you low wages. You deserve more.

Do insurance adjusters try to lowball? 

Yes. Insurance adjusters can be known to whittle down settlement offers. As mentioned above, insurance companies will do anything they can to reduce your settlement to avoid paying you a large sum of money. Even if you deserve it. They are aware of the types of damages you can be awarded but will do whatever it takes to withhold that information from you.

We use our experience as former insurance lawyers to produce these tips for dealing with insurance adjusters to help steer clients clear of their tricks. Remember, these adjusters do not want you to have a lawyer. A lawyer will advise you to not accept their lowball insurance settlement offer, so they’ll do anything they can to persuade you not to hire one. We advise that the minute an accident occurs, and you believe your injuries were caused due to someone else’s negligence, contact an attorney that you can trust immediately. An attorney will help you with any and all settlement negotiations to ensure you are not a victim of lowballing. 

How do you respond to a low insurance settlement offer? 

The minute you are given an offer from an insurance adjuster, do not respond immediately and contact an attorney. Based on the evidence of your case, your attorney will help you determine if this is a lowball offer and come up with a counteroffer if necessary.

Because our firm has some of the best personal injury lawyers in Houston, we know when to accept a settlement offer and when not to. You can rely on us to keep you informed and make the best decisions for your case. 

Avoid lowball insurance settlement offers. Hire a Grimes & Fertitta attorney to negotiate for you. 

If you suspect for one second, “My insurance company is lowballing me,” contact a trusted attorney immediately. A personal injury lawyer in The Woodlands, TX can help you avoid lowball insurance settlement offers and fight for the compensation you truly deserve. Dealing with injuries after an accident already makes you vulnerable, so don’t let insurance adjusters prey on your pain. 

Whether you need a Houston car crash lawyer or a Houston work injury lawyer, the attorneys at Grimes & Fertitta are here to protect you from greedy insurance companies. We know that financial compensation can’t always fix the problem, but it can help relieve stress while you recover from your injuries.

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