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Your Guide to Progressive Car Accident Claims

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Your Guide to Progressive Car Accident Claims

Insurance adjustor assessing a Progressive accident claim

Just because you pay top dollar for your car insurance does not mean you will always get a fair share when it comes time to file a Progressive car accident claim. No matter how friendly the customer service or how comprehensive the coverage is, the ugly truth is that the insurance companies are not on your side.

We know firsthand — as former insurance company lawyers, the attorneys at Grimes & Fertitta know all of the ways in which the big insurance companies attempt to nickel and dime customers with claims. If you have filed a Progressive car accident claim and you believe that the company is acting in bad faith, you may have grounds to sue.

Do not accept anything that will not cover the true cost of the harm you’ve endured. Call the Houston insurance lawyers at Grimes & Fertitta today at (713) 224-7644.

How does Progressive handle accident claims?

How you should handle your claim depends on whether you are seriously injured or not. For claims without serious injuries, you can get in touch with a claims representative and give them information about the accident. They will send out an adjuster that will assess the damage and determine what your coverage and repair options are. This is the way to approach insurance claims for minor accidents only.

If you or a loved one were seriously injured in a car accident, then you need to call a Houston car accident lawyer before you speak to anyone from the insurance company. If you were injured in a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you must gather as much evidence as you can to build your case. Evidence can include:

  • Identification, insurance, and vehicle information from everyone involved in the accident
  • Names and information of any law enforcement present on the scene
  • Names, information, and statements of any witnesses that may have been on the scene
  • Photos of the accident including both the cars and any environmental factors that may help better tell what happened

Your priority should be ensuring that you and your loved ones are safe and receiving whatever medical attention you need. Once everyone is safe, you should waste no time and begin gathering evidence.

Whether you’re looking for a Texas drunk driving settlement or have a claim against the insurance company, evidence like this can be the difference between winning your car accident claim or going home without compensation. You should move quickly, because the longer you wait after the accident, the harder it will be to gather pertinent evidence to support your claim.

How long does it take Progressive to settle a claim?

According to Texas law, insurance companies must respond to a filed claim no later than 15 days after receiving it and have around 30 days to actually investigate accident claims.  Settlement of the claim itself will depend on a number of factors being assessed during the investigation.

You, however, also have a Progressive claim time limit. The statute of limitations for Texas car accidents is two years from the date of the accident. That being said, we encourage you to hire a personal injury attorney and file your car accident claim as soon as possible.

How can a Houston insurance lawyer help with your Progressive injury settlement

Whether you were involved in a severe car wreck or a Texas 18-wheeler accident, a car accident claim lawyer can help you take on the large insurance companies that want to make sure you get as little as possible. Here are the ways in which your attorney can help with your Progressive settlement:

  • Determine if you have a case. Based on the evidence, it may be best to take the settlement, but only your attorney can advise you to do so soundly.
  • Decide whether seeking a settlement or going to trial makes the most sense. If the insurance companies decline to offer you fair compensation for the harm you’ve suffered, sometimes it makes sense to take them to trial and sue them for the amount you deserve.
  • Help reduce the stress of litigation while you heal from your injuries. Car accidents are traumatic. The added stress of litigating your accident claim on top of this trauma can often prove to be too much for you to handle alone. Hiring an attorney can take the burden off your shoulders.
  • Involve experts, witnesses, and other resources to support your case. Scene reconstruction, medical experts, and other specialists may be needed to litigate your claim.

How much will my car accident claim be worth?

This depends entirely on the types of damages that will be collected. The average settlement for a car accident back and neck injury is much higher when damages like pain and suffering or lost income are applicable. Some more common types of damages in car accident settlements include:

  • Medical bills, including prescription fees, procedures, doctor visits, and rehabilitation
  • Long-term medical expenses for further procedures and care
  • Pain and suffering (pain both physical and mental)
  • Lost wages due to the injury
  • Mental anguish (grief, anxiety, etc.)
  • Property damage caused in the accident
  • Loss of comfort, consortium from the death of a spouse

The insurance companies will generally compensate you for property damage and a portion of your immediate medical bills, but this pales in comparison to the actual damages and their reverberations incurred in a severe car accident.

Let Grimes & Fertitta even the playing field for your Progressive car accident claim

If you or a loved one was injured in an accident in Texas, do not leave your Progressive car accident claim in the hands of the insurance companies. At Grimes & Fertitta, we not only know the ways in which the insurance companies will try to undercut your settlement, we know how a serious car accident can impact your life. This is why we fight for you.

Before you talk to an adjuster or take a settlement, call the car accident attorneys at Grimes & Fertitta to discuss your case. We know how to handle these companies and their large pool of resources, and we will not be intimidated.

If you want to go toe to toe with Goliath with the insurance lawyers at Grimes & Fertitta at your side, you can reach us at (713) 224-7644 or contact us online for a free consultation.

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