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  • Types of Negligence in Texas Jun 22, 2020

    Negligence is frequently a central component in personal injury cases, but did you know that there are many different types of negligence? Just as there are many types of personal injury cases, there are also many types of negligence. “Negligence” alone is a blanket term that covers a wide spectrum of negligent behavior. In fact, some negligence laws differ from state to state. 

  • What to Do if You Suspect Elder Abuse During the COVID-19 Pandemic  May 28, 2020

    As the Coronavirus continues its spread, many states and counties across the U.S. have reported drastic drops in calls reporting elder abuse. While this reduction in elder abuse reports may seem like a good thing, it is actually a cause for alarm.

  • Child Custody Lawyer for The Woodlands May 25, 2020

    A child custody lawyer in The Woodlands often plays an important role in defining your child custody agreement. As such, they play an important role in defining the structure of your weeks, weekends and vacations, your child(ren)’s routine, and your child(ren)’s overall best interests. These are high-stakes decisions that shouldn’t be made lightly; you need a Woodlands child custody lawyer you can trust. 

  • Court Instructions for COVID-19 Child Custody  Apr 28, 2020

    The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be difficult on many families; confusion over child custody agreements is widespread, and the number of couples looking for a The Woodlands divorce attorney and/or filing for divorce during the coronavirus has skyrocketed.

  • Divorce & The Coronavirus in The Woodlands  Apr 03, 2020

    While many people have begun prophesizing a coronavirus baby boom, divorce lawyers around the world—from New York City to Xi’an, China—have reported a very different kind of phenomenon: as lockdowns persist, an increasing number of couples are filing for divorce. 

  • What Causes a Truck to Jackknife? Apr 02, 2020

    If you’ve ever seen a multi-lane 18-wheeler accident, you might have wondered to yourself, “What causes a truck to jackknife?” But if you’ve ever had to file a personal injury case involving a  jackknifed truck, that simple question can become deeply personal. 

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