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  • The Woodlands Workplace Injury Lawyer Mar 12, 2020

    The Woodlands workplace injury lawyers help workers who have been injured while doing their jobs. Specifically, a workplace accident attorney in The Woodlands represents individuals who are not being offered fair compensation.

  • Boating Accidents in Houston and The Woodlands  Feb 05, 2020

    With numerous lakes and proximity to the Gulf, boating accidents in Houston, The Woodlands, and Lake Conroe occur fairly frequently. Of course, you’re much less likely to get into a boating accident in Houston than a car accident in Houston, but when boating accidents do occur, they can be especially devastating. 

  • Car Accident Lawyer in The Woodlands Feb 04, 2020

    Searching for a car accident lawyer in The Woodlands? At Grimes & Fertitta, we know all too well that you don’t have to live in the Loop to know the trials of driving on the roads in Harris and Montgomery counties.

  • Professional The Woodlands Divorce Attorney Jan 13, 2020

    As divorce attorneys in The Woodlands, we know that there is no such thing as an easy divorce—especially when high-value assets like businesses, properties, and investment portfolios are involved. In these high-net-worth divorces, and it takes a special kind of lawyer to know how to limit the time, resources, and emotional strain of litigation.

  • Your Personal Injury Lawyer in The Woodlands, TX Jan 12, 2020

    Are the very companies who promised to protect you now giving you a long and frustrating battle? A Grimes & Fertitta personal injury attorney in The Woodlands, TX can help you with insurance companies.

  • Common Types of Personal Injury Claims & Cases Dec 11, 2019

    There are many types of personal injury claims and cases — a fact that can sometimes lead to confusion. After all, at first glance, an oil rig explosion, a motorcycle...

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