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What You Need To Know About Personal Injury Lawyers in Houston, Texas

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What You Need To Know About Personal Injury Lawyers in Houston, Texas

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Looking for the best personal injury lawyers in Houston, Texas? We know there are many options out there and a lot of information online telling you who to hire and why. The Houston personal injury lawyers at Grimes & Fertitta are here to tell you what you need to know about hiring a personal injury lawyer in Houston to hopefully make your decision easier and your recovery smoother.

If you or a loved one has been injured because of someone else’s negligence, you’re going to need the best personal injury lawyers in Texas if you hope to get what you deserve. The insurance companies are brutal litigators that carry huge teams of lawyers all unified with the goal of not giving you what you need to recover. We know, because we used to work for them.

Not anymore. The Houston injury lawyers at Grimes & Fertitta have spent the last 20+ years fighting to help our clients get justice in the face of overwhelming corporate greed. We know exactly how the insurance companies will attempt to lowball you, and we won’t let it happen.

We’re here to tell you everything there is to know about hiring a good injury attorney so that you know how to find the best personal injury lawyers in Texas that you possibly can.

What kind of cases do personal injury lawyers in Houston, Texas take?

Hiring the best personal injury lawyers in Houston is a good start, but you’ll also want to make sure that they have experience taking and winning cases similar to the kind of case you’re hoping to file. The personal injury attorneys at Grimes & Fertitta have experience in the following areas:

  • Workplace injuries
  • Auto accidents, boating accidents
  • Serious injuries and death
  • Cruise ship sexual harassment
  • Daycare provider negligence
  • Defective products
  • Nursing home abuse
  • And more

Whether you need a workplace injury lawyer or a Houston car accident lawyer, the personal injury attorneys at Grimes & Fertitta can help. If you don’t see your type of case here and are interested in our services, you should still give us a call as we have experience in many more areas than are listed above and may be able to help.

How does a personal injury lawsuit work in Texas?

Another way to ask this question would be, “What do personal injury lawyers do?” To answer how personal injury lawsuits work, we will take you through the steps that your personal injury attorney will take throughout the course of a normal case.

  • Investigate your claim. Because personal injury attorneys are often paid on a contingency basis — meaning they only get paid when you win your settlement — they end up footing the bill for all of their work until the case’s conclusion. Because of this, they will take great care to investigate your claim to make sure that you have a chance at winning it.
  • Gather evidence. It is up to your attorney to gather all pertinent evidence to strengthen your case. While you may help them by giving them access to important documentation, they can track down witnesses, surveillance footage, police reports, and more.
  • Negotiate with insurance companies. A large part of any personal injury claim is working with the insurance companies who will do whatever they can to give you the bare minimum.
  • Assess damages. The damages involved in a personal injury suit go far beyond those that are immediately incurred at the accident and should include the long-term implications of your injuries.
  • Conduct discovery before trial. This includes sending interrogatories to the defendant, as well as deposing parties, witnesses, and experts.
  • Represent their clients at trial. If your case does go to trial, and you cannot reach a settlement with the insurance companies before then, you won’t want to be caught without the best accident lawyer Houston has to offer.

How long does a personal injury lawsuit take in Texas?

Unfortunately, there is no good answer to this question. Personal injury lawsuits take as long as they take, and it depends heavily on the specific circumstances of your case. The more complex a case is, the longer it will take to be resolved. Likewise, the simpler it is, the quicker.

Another thing that can extend the timeline significantly on personal injury cases is going to trial. If your attorney and the insurance companies are unable to come to terms on a settlement, the case will likely go to trial, and cause significant delays in getting you that long-awaited settlement. If your case does go to trial, you better hope you have a personal injury lawyer that can win cases.

How do you know when to hire a personal injury lawyer in Houston, Texas?

After you’ve been involved in an accident in which someone else was at fault, you will likely be told by the insurance company that you will be taken care of, but it is unlikely that they will give you anything but a pittance, withholding the type of settlement that will allow you to truly recover.

You should call a personal injury lawyer in Houston if:

  • You know that you were not at fault for the accident, even if the insurance company is going to make you an offer.
  • The case is complicated, involving multiple parties or legal agreements.
  • The insurance company declines to make you an offer or makes you an offer that is far too low.


Cases are not always so cut and dry, and the insurance company will not always be able to help you. Say you’re suing an uninsured driver for damages, for instance, you’ll need an uninsured driver lawyer to advise you on how exactly you can get a settlement.

What are the different types of personal injury damages in Texas?

There are many types of damages in a lawsuit, many of which you may be owed for the injury you suffered, but without an attorney to calculate damages and negotiate on your behalf, you may be leaving many on the table.

All damages are either compensatory or punitive. Compensatory damages fall under three umbrella categories:

  • Special compensatory damages include any past and future medical expenses, loss of wages from injury, or damage to your personal property.
  • General compensatory damages include less quantifiable compensation, such as compensation for pain and suffering, physical impairment, and mental anguish.
  • Wrongful death damages apply whenever a family member has passed away in an accident, and include reimbursement for funeral expenses, medical expenses that occurred before the victim died, as well as loss of financial contribution and companionship.

Punitive damages are intended to punish the party for their actions and deter them from behaving in a similar manner in the future. They are much rarer and are generally only awarded in particularly egregious cases of negligence.

Call the personal injury lawyers in Houston, Texas at Grimes & Fertitta

We know that hiring a lawyer is likely the last thing you want to do right now. Accidents are traumatic, and you likely need rest, medical attention, and support from your family during this difficult time.

However, hiring a lawyer can be the best decision you will make after an accident because it can give you and your loved ones time to heal — in the meantime, your attorney will work on getting you what you deserve.

If you or a loved one has been injured and is looking for personal injury lawyers in Houston, Texas, give the attorneys at Grimes & Fertitta a call. We can support you every step of the way, from investigation to compensation, and provide you with the peace of mind that you need in order to begin truly healing.

Call the Houston personal injury lawyers at Grimes & Fertitta today at (713) 224-7644 or contact us online for a free consultation.

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