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What Makes a Good Family Lawyer?

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What Makes a Good Family Lawyer?

What Makes a Good Family Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer is always an important decision, and understanding what makes a good family lawyer will help you make the right choice. 

While most of the lawyers work hard to do their jobs well, some are simply better than others. From a prenup lawyer in The Woodlands, to a child custody attorney in The Woodlands to attorneys who focus on cases involving high net worth divorces in Houston, there will always be a variety of lawyers eager to serve you — but how can you tell which lawyers are truly good at what they do?

As experienced family lawyers, the attorneys at Grimes & Feritta know exactly what makes a good family lawyer. And since having a good lawyer by your side can help make a family law cause that much more bearable, we wanted to take the time to walk you through some of the traits we would look for if we were to hire a family lawyer. 

Do I need a family lawyer?

Before we get into what makes a good family lawyer, we wanted to first address a question we get a lot regarding finding a lawyer. And that is: Do I need a family lawyer in the first place? 

Unlike criminal cases where, if you don’t have a lawyer, one will be appointed to you, civil matters do not require representation. We would almost always recommend that you at least have a consultation with a trusted family lawyer, even if you’re getting amicably divorced without any children or assets and just want to legally end the relationship. 

It’s our experience that divorces, child custody cases, and other family law matters rarely bring out the best in people. Hiring a lawyer to represent you can protect you and provide you with guidance should matters get unexpectedly heated.  

If your family law matter is not one of an amicable nature, hiring a family lawyer in The Woodlands is advisable, especially if: 

  • You believe your child is in danger
  • Your former spouse has hired a lawyer
  • Your case has complications (you live in a different state/internationally, you and your ex have a tumultuous relationship, your child has special needs, you are remarrying, etc.)

The bottom line? The benefits of having a family lawyer by your side almost always outweigh the potential costs. If you’re in doubt, hire a lawyer. 

How do I choose a good family lawyer? 

Whether it’s for a prenup, divorce, or adoption, having a family lawyer you trust and who does a good job is very important. In this article, we have assumed that you have found a lawyer or law firm that is experienced handling cases like your, has successfully represented clients like yourself, and prioritizes quality over quantity in terms of their caseload.

Once you’ve narrowed down your search to lawyers who meet those criteria, you can start looking for what makes a good lawyer to you. Finding a lawyer is easy; finding the right lawyer is less so. Every lawyer has strengths and weaknesses. The bare minimum of what makes a good family lawyer  — or any type of lawyer — is that they are aware of what their own strengths and weaknesses are, and have learned how to emphasize the former and make up for the latter.

We highly recommend discussing your case with multiple professionals via consultations and going with the one that feels right. Most reputable lawyers offer free consultations; be wary of ones that do not. Then, once you start going to consultations look for the following qualities. 

Qualities to look for in a divorce lawyer

A ideal lawyer/law firm has strengths in the following areas:

1. Listening skills

Family law cases have a lot of details. You want the person representing you to listen to and understand your side of the story, not to blow you over with their ego.  

2. Effective communication

In addition to listening, you need a lawyer who can interpret what you say and communicate it to the judge and other legal counsel in a powerful way. A lawyer who communicates effectively will also make sure to keep you in the loop when anything comes up in your case. 

3. Responsiveness

A good divorce lawyer should respond to your questions and calls in a timely manner or, at the very least, give you a time frame for a response. 

4. Organization

The legal profession involves tight deadlines and demands the ability to keep facts straight. If your lawyer isn’t organized on the day of your consultation, that’s a red flag that they’ll remain so throughout the entirety of your case. 

5. Trustworthiness

Family law is emotional. Hire a lawyer with whom you are comfortable sharing intimate details about your relationship, and who you trust to truly represent your family’s best interests.

6. The ability to connect

What makes a good family lawyer is someone who fights for you like family and advocates for your needs and your family’s future. If you don’t have a good feeling about a lawyer during your consultation, trust your gut.  

How is Grimes & Fertita unique?

The lawyers at Grimes & Fertitta are more than just thorough and determined trial lawyers — we treat our clients with the compassion and care they deserve. You are not a case number with us. You are going to get personal attention we would desire if the tables were turned. 

Our knowledge, hard work, and dedication to our clients have gained us recognition from top legal organizations in Houston and around the nation. We would be honored to help you avoid high asset divorce mistakes, work to help you gain custody of your children, or handle whatever family law needs you have. 

For a free consultation to discuss your case, call 713-224-7644 or contact us online today.  

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