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How to Find Lawyers Who Sue Insurance Companies

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How to Find Lawyers Who Sue Insurance Companies

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If you’ve found yourself in a dispute with an insurance company, you’ve probably realized that they don’t always have your best interests in mind. Lawyers who sue insurance companies are often the last line of defense for individuals who have been left out in the cold by big-name corporations, who often use large teams of their own attorneys to ensure that claimants are nickel and dimed to protect their bottom line.

The attorneys at Grimes & Fertitta used to work for the insurance companies, but that was before they saw all of the people not getting what they deserve at the most vulnerable points in their lives. Now they know the insurance company’s playbook by heart and use it to fight for the people themselves, helping them get what they truly deserve.

If you’re looking for a Houston personal injury lawyer to sue your insurance company over a bad faith insurance claim in Texas, the attorneys at Grimes & Fertitta are here for you. Call Grimes & Fertitta today at (713) 224-7644 for a free consultation.

We know that because there are legions of lawyers who sue insurance companies out there, choosing one can be pretty difficult. This is why the experts at Grimes & Fertitta are here to tell you what to look for if you want to hire a winner.

Step 1: Learn what an insurance claim lawyer in Houston does

If you’re thinking about suing the insurance company for denying a claim, the first step you’ll need to take is to find a good lawyer. How do you find lawyers who sue insurance companies? Well, you’ll need to understand a bit about the specialized work that bad faith insurance attorneys do.

When we talk about bad faith insurance claims in Texas, we don’t mean any time an insurance company denies a claim. An insurance company is only acting in bad faith if they unreasonably deny or delay coverage. Some common examples of insurance companies acting in bad faith include, but are not limited to:

  • Outright and unwarranted denial of coverage
  • Refusal to pay claims without a proper investigation
  • Failure to either deny or pay a claim promptly
  • Failure to communicate important information about the claim
  • Failure to offer a fair and reasonable settlement after liability has been established
  • Failure to negotiate
  • Failure to communicate a reasonable explanation for denials

Keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list. There are far more ways than this that your insurance company can act in bad faith. You need to make sure that the insurance claim lawyer in Houston that you hire has significant experience in both insurance law and dealing with bad faith insurance claims.

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Step 2: Do thorough research on insurance claim lawyers in Houston

Don’t just type “insurance claims lawyer” into your search engine and hire the first attorney whose name pops up. If you want the best chance of actually winning your claim against the insurance company, you need to do some research on insurance lawyers.

  1. First, reach out to friends or family that have been in similar situations. First-hand experience working with an attorney will tell you a lot about a lawyer’s competence and interpersonal skills.
  2. Check review aggregate sites like AVVO and make a list of your top attorneys based on high reviews and happy clients.
  3. Check every attorney on your list for previous disciplinary actions by looking the attorney up on the State Bar of Texas website.

After you’ve done this, you should have a nice list of candidates. Next, we need to narrow that list of candidates down.

Step 3: Evaluate the lawyers on a few criteria

Now it’s time to start shaving down that list. Mostly by reading about previous cases that they’ve handled and what their previous clients have to say about their services.

  1. Review their qualifications. You should be looking for awards and credentials. Think Super Lawyers selections, board certifications, and high settlement amounts. Their website should have a handful of these prominently displayed.
  2. Read ratings and reviews. Do clients seem satisfied? Do they mention things like patience, reliability, and tenacity in the courtroom? Do you see any bad reviews? How did the attorney respond to those comments? You don’t want an attorney who can’t take criticism well or who isn’t interested in resolving the previous issues of any client.
  3. What types of cases do they take? If you don’t see cases that mention specifics similar to yours, you might not want to take a chance on that attorney. If a lot of previous clients are mentioning insurance claims and insurance companies, you’re probably safe.

The goal is that by this stage you will only have attorneys on your list that you would be happy to work with. You don’t want to take a meeting with anyone that you could have ruled out before you picked up the phone.

Step 4: Ask good questions during your consultation

You should have a lot of questions prepared to ask during your consultation, many of which should pertain directly to the circumstances surrounding your claim, but many may also be general questions that assess whether or not you and the attorney will be a good fit. Here are a few good questions from our Top 8 Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer article.

  1. What is your overall experience?
  2. Do you have experience handling cases like mine?
  3. What does your caseload look like?
  4. What are your fees like?
  5. Do I pay anything if I don’t get a settlement?
  6. How long do you expect the process to take?
  7. How much do you think my case is worth?
  8. What is my role during the entire process?

Although not every lawyer is created equal, with some quality preparation and a little patience, you can end up with an insurance claim lawyer in Houston who will give you the best chance at winning your case. Remember, for everyone wondering “can I sue my insurance company for emotional distress?” You can! But you’ll only win with the right lawyers at your side.

Call the lawyers who sue insurance companies at Grimes & Fertitta for battle-tested representation

Now that you know how to find the best lawyers who sue insurance companies, it’s time to pick up the phone and get to work. Choosing which lawyer to sue the insurance company with is not a decision that should be taken lightly, but if you want a shortcut to doing all of the research and taking the consultations, we’ll give you a jump start: call the top personal injury lawyers at Grimes & Fertitta.

Let us remind you that the attorneys at Grimes & Fertitta used to work for the insurance companies. We’ve been inside the beast, and are using everything that we learned to fight for the little guy and make things right.

Undecided? Learn more about our firm, see what our clients have to say about us in our Google Reviews, and read a few of our Notable Victories.

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